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Amy Schumer Celebrates The Return Of Her Period & Her Announcement Is Very On-Brand

If you follow Amy Schumer on the 'gram, there's a good chance you're already familiar with her candid posts about postpartum life. From Schumer's love of hospital diapers to her honest musings on breastfeeding, mama is all about keepin' it real. And this trend continued on Sunday, when Amy Schumer revealed that her first postpartum period is finally here. The new mom commemorated the moment with a celebratory Instagram post featuring her husband, Chris Fischer.

Ever Schumer gave birth to her first son, Gene, in May, she has been very forthcoming about the ups and downs of parenting. As for the comedian's latest "up"? Look no further than her post about getting her "first period in a year." Schumer shared the news via a series of beach shots with Fischer and a series of appropriate emojis.

Although a period might seem like something odd to celebrate (especially while on vacation, as it appears to be the case for Schumer and Fischer), it makes perfect sense in this case. You might remember, for instance, Schumer's Valentine's Day ode to tampons, in which she insinuated that she longed for her period. "Missing you on v day," she captioned a photo featuring a wall of tampons.

Considering how difficult Schumer's pregnancy was at times (she battled hyperemesis gravidarum for the duration of it), I'm totally down for her paying tribute to her menstrual cycle. Pregnancy can feel restrictive to some people regardless of their excitement about parenthood, and I think it's safe to say this is a freeing moment for Schumer. Enjoy, mama.

Following Schumer's post, many friends and pals left congratulatory messages in the comments section.

"Congrats! One you’ll never forget," one person joked.

Another fan said: "Cel-e-brate good times come on!"

Others, however, warned Schumer about the possibility of "Irish twins," aka siblings born less than a year apart.

"Irish twin zone-beware," someone said.

A commenter wrote: "You can get preggers again... Irish twins?"

I don't think Schumer has pregnancy on the brain at the moment, but if she does, it's probably best to let her figure that out in private. For now, maybe fans should let the comedian enjoy her period in peace.

Of course, a period isn't the only thing Schumer is celebrating these days. The new mom returned to work two weeks after Gene's birth, while taking down mom-shamers in the process (yeah, this actually happened).

"Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!" she captioned a shot of herself pumping, after various commenters questioned her decision to do standup shortly after giving birth. And I don't know about you guys, but I thought Schumer's response was perfect — it's clear she's not going to let anyone ruin her working mom flow.

Speaking of her flow (sorry, I couldn't help myself), it's nice to see that Schumer is feeling comfortable in her body again. The comedian's first pregnancy was tough, to say the least, and I'm all for her celebrating her first postpartum period.