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Amy Schumer's Funniest Pregnancy Updates So Far Prove She Is One Strong Mama

Out of all the celebrity pregnancy announcements made in 2018, the one I've been most excited about is Amy Schumer. (Yes, even more so than Megan Markle and Prince Harry.) Under normal circumstances, Schumer's take on life is hilariously fresh and accurate. She's smart. She's funny. She's a kick*ss feminist warrior. So I just knew she was going to have the best commentary about pregnancy and motherhood. And honestly? Amy Schumer's funniest pregnancy updates so far prove she is one strong mama.

Those who have been following along with Schumer's journey to motherhood already know it hasn't been easy. That's because the standup comedian has been open about her ongoing battle with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) — an often debilitating pregnancy condition characterized by extreme nausea and vomiting. As BabyCenter explained, HG affects up to 3 percent of expecting women. The vomiting can be so bad at times, that a mom-to-be becomes severely dehydrated and may even require hospitalization. Despite Schumer's struggle with HG, it seems that she hasn't lost her signature wit and brutally honest sense of humor. Which is pretty darn impressive, considering the actress has been feeling like utter garbage around the clock, isn't it?

As USA Today reported, Schumer revealed she's expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer back in October — not long after the world found out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were expecting their first child. So of course, she teased the big news by editing hers and Fisher's heads onto the bodies of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Because she can and it's freaking hilarious.

Not long after this, Schumer gave her Instagram followers their first glimpse into her pregnant life — face down into a plate of food. She captioned the photo, "First trimester had me like #soblessed." LOL.

Another giggle-worthy update involved a screenshot of a video depicting life inside the womb. The video's closed captioning read, "Lanugo: a downy coating covering the fetus appears." Schumer captioned her Instagram post simply with, "No."

On Nov. 21, the standup comedian posted a photo of herself while also promoting her show and giving a shout-out to her fertile husband. "Show tonight in BK at the @kingsbklyn don’t resist or you might miss Christmas 🎄 ," she wrote. "Photo by the man who didn’t pull out of me 👶 🍼." Ha! Best. Photo. Credit. Ever.

As People reported, Amy Schumer shared a video of herself vomiting into a public toilet about a week ago. (Fair warning: Don't watch this video if you have a weak stomach.) Although the fact that HG is still making her feel like total crap isn't funny in the slightest, her hashtags definitely made me snort. "Deep in my second trimester and all i can say is nope!" Schumer captioned the post. "Yesterday i did a show 90 minutes later #soblessed#godsmiracle#lepainbathroom 🦄."

Once again, Schumer recently opted to compare her pregnancy with that of Meghan Markle's. "Loved my outfit during my set tonight!" she captioned a photo of the Duchess of Sussex — with her head conveniently cropped out — cradling her bump at a recent event. LOL. It's never not funny, guys.

On Dec. 11, the mom-to-be shared a photo of herself and her sister modeling outfits from her Le Cloud clothing line. With her bump clearly visible in a form-fitting dress, Schumer wrote, "Does this baby make me look fat? With my sister lil Kimby wearing head to toe @lecloudclothing 🐣."

As ET Online reported, Schumer's Dec. 14 update featured a photo of herself smiling while getting IV fluids. She captioned the tongue-in-cheek Instagram post with, ""Am I glowing? #hyperemesisgravidarum." Poor Amy! But also, good one. Because that elusive "pregnancy glow" is utter bullsh*t, if you ask me.

Schumer's most recent LOL-worthy pregnancy update also went down on Friday, Dec. 14. Alongside an Instagram photo of a giant tarp covering pallets of boxes, the mom-to-be wrote, "I WILL BE PERFORMING IN DC, CHICAGO AND BOSTON THIS WEEK AND THEN I WILL BE HIDING UNDER THIS TARP UNTIL I GIVE BIRTH. MUCH LOVE!" Ugh. I so feel this. Unfortunately, hibernating under a tarp for several months, while certainly enticing, is generally frowned upon — even if you are exhausted and completely over being pregnant.

As tough as pregnancy has been on Amy Schumer so far, the fact that she's still able to find humor in it all somehow is inspiring AF. I mean, can you imagine feeling like throwing up nearly every second of every day, and still having the ability to crack fierce jokes both on-stage and online? To me, it's just further proof that she's already a strong mama and is is going to totally rock this motherhood business. Hang in there, Amy!

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