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Amy Schumer Had A Very Relatable Pregnancy Struggle (Hint: It Involves Her Bra)

There are few things worse in this world for a woman than getting out of the house and realizing you're wearing a bra that doesn't fit well. Especially when you're pregnant, because let's face it — everything is harder when you're pregnant. Such is the way of bringing a new life into this world. To this day I have a tough time committing to a bra even long after I'm out the door, sort of like a weird boob PTSD thing from being pregnant four times. So I totally get Amy Schumer's bra struggles while pregnant in this new photo. The struggle to figure out your shape-shifting boobs is real, and it's not nearly as charming as a person might think.

The Trainwreck actress is in the third trimester of her first pregnancy with husband Chris Fischer. As we all know because she has been diligent about documenting it, Schumer has had a heck of a time during her pregnancy with hyperemesis gravidarum, a super severe type of pregnancy-related nausea that has seen her hospitalized in her second trimester. Hyperemesis gravidarum usually ends after the first trimester, according to Healthline, but it seems Schumer wasn't so lucky and was vomiting profusely well through her second trimester.

She didn't even get a break for Christmas.

Now she's in her third trimester, and she and husband Fischer decided to enjoy a little date night in New York City. You know how it is, you're finally feeling slightly better, want to go out for a fun night to celebrate and watch your friend Colin Quinn perform his one man show Red State, Blue State. Well, maybe he's not your friend but you get my drift. Schumer is actually friends with her former Trainwreck co-star and chose his show to go out for a date, according to Us Weekly.

But unfortunately she apparently wore the wrong bra and, as someone who has been there, I bet it drove her mad all night long.

On Tuesday, Schumer shared a picture of herself with Fischer on Instagram with the caption: "Opening night of @iamcolinquinn show #redstatebluestate we couldn’t have laughed harder and I couldn’t have worn a worse bra."

To be fair to Schumer, if her bra wasn't feeling up to the task or uncomfortable or whatever, she can hardly be blamed. The American Pregnancy Association notes that throughout a woman's pregnancy her breasts change almost constantly, going from super tender and sore to swollen to (in my case, anyhow) sort of misshapen and weird). Schumer's Instagram followers certainly understood where she was coming from, with one writing: "Prego boobs have a mind of their own, lol! Your gorgeous!"

Another wrote, "BahAha. Awww wait until you are breastfeeding. They will hit your knees. That’s what happened to mine lol."

"Pregnancy tits are outta control no matter who you are. Old lady Boulder holders are the best for the big girls, tho. You look great!" one more quipped.

Schumer might not have loved her bra choice, but hey, the good news is she got a night off of throwing up.

You win some, you lose some, right?