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Moms Are LOLing Over Amy Schumer's Hilarious Valentine's Day IG Post

Valentine's Day is a big holiday for celebrities, especially for those who are in relationships. Many famous people take to Instagram to show off their boo, while others pay heartfelt tributes to their significant others. As for Amy Schumer's take on Valentine's Day? The comedian's hysterical post is a nod to how over pregnancy she is.

It's no secret Schumer's social media presence is comedy gold. From her amazing take on the 2009 vs. 2019 challenge to her all too real depictions of pregnancy (who could ever forget the Christmas video of her puking?) the mom-to-be is killing it these days. So, it wasn't too much of a shock when Schumer gifted her followers with a hysterical Valentine's Day post acknowledging her tough pregnancy. "Missing you on v day," she captioned a store wall of tampons.

I can't say for sure here, but I think Schumer is suffering from the pregnancy blues at the moment. Her frustration makes sense when you consider everything she has been through since announcing her pregnancy in October 2018. As some fans already know by now, Schumer has been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that can cause constant nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weight loss, and possibly dehydration, according to Healthline.

Making matters even more tough for Schumer? She has been working on various projects, like her upcoming Netflix special, as she battles these issues. Talk about a fierce mama, right?

Many fans were amused by Schumer's V-Day candor, including parents who have been there before.

"You kill me," one fan commented. "Thanks for making me laugh on a rough day."

Another person chimed in: "I definitely don’t miss Tampax but where’s the wine????"

"Oh don’t worry it will come back like you never saw before," a particularly graphic response read. "I feel like you have been pregnant forever."

Someone else said: "Bahahahahaha every girl says that until it comes back..."

"Aww, dont worry Amy, after the birth those will not be enough for whats coming," a commenter added. "Ah, good times."

Having a period isn't the only thing Schumer misses these days. Back in January 2019, she admitted longing for a certain vice. "I was thinking about how I miss weed," she joked during an event promoting her stylist's new clothing line, according to the Daily Mail.

Luckily for Schumer, she has her husband, Chris Fischer, to lean on for support. She touched on their amazing partnership in a February 2018 interview, revealing that marriage solidified their strong bond.

“[It’s different] because you’re in, you’re done,” she explained, according to Entertainment Tonight. “He’s mine, I’m his, we’ve partnered up. We’ve committed to be partners for life and we meant it.”

The actress also gushed at the time about how the two were "so in love." Aww.

It's not clear how the two will celebrate Valentine's Day this year, but they did have something special to do on Wednesday, Feb. 13. What's the significance of that date, you ask? It just so happens to be the couple's wedding anniversary, which Schumer paid homage to with a sweet Instagram photo of the two.

As for the rest of Schumer's pregnancy, stay strong girl. Your fans are rooting for you.