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Amy Schumer's Sister — aka "Aunt Kim" — Cuddles Baby Gene In The Sweetest Video

It's probably pretty safe to say most moms out there are really loving the fact that Amy Schumer has joined our numbers. Because despite the fact that she has only been a mom to baby boy Gene since May 5, she is already wise enough to truly understand so many elements of parenting already. Like the fact that raising a baby is way more fun and way easier if you enlist the people you love to give you a hand, as evidenced by Schumer's video of baby Gene cuddling with her sister. Because let's face it — Gene can't talk yet so why not have someone come over to keep you company and also love your kid? It's obviously a win/win.

Schumer and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, have been figuring out those early stages of parenting together ever since welcoming their baby boy just over two months ago. The couple shared a photo of the first time they gave Gene his first bath on May 25, for instance, where they were both happily covered in water and their baby looked all snug and bone dry, according to E! News.

While the couple seem to be managing pretty nicely on their own, it's always nice to have reinforcements of course. Especially when those reinforcements are clearly head over heels in love with your baby.

On Tuesday, the Trainwreck actress shared a video of her sister, comedy writer Kim Caramele, sitting in a rocking chair cuddling her new nephew Gene. Schumer captioned the video, "When your sister becomes Aunt Kim," and honestly the love on her face as she pats him on his back and soothes him is enough to get me emotional.

Schumer is lucky enough to have not just her own sister but also a sister-in-law who adores little Gene. Back when the I Feel Pretty actress was in the hospital, she shared a photo on Instagram of her sister-in-law Molly Fischer holding Gene as Schumer was busy in the background, according to People. OK so maybe she was on the toilet. She captioned the photo, "Milf alert 1 o'clock."

Schumer's sister Kim Caramele isn't just stepping in to help the new mom out now that her sweet nephew has arrived and she gets paid in hugs. Back in January, when the Growing star was in the throes of a pretty difficult pregnancy, Caramele was there to support her sister. How, you ask? By tying her shoes for her, which any pregnant woman will tell you is just about the nicest thing other than maybe also putting your socks on you. Schumer shared her gratitude by writing on the Instagram post:

Happy new year to the women in my life and yours. What would we be without our friends? Nothin. Here is my sister tying my dumb shoe. Women, we are amazing and our love for each other is so deep. Let’s continue to link arms this year and move forward. All of us.

Here's the thing: Not everyone out there is lucky enough to have a sister who will tie their shoe for them when they're pregnant. So if you happen to be someone with a cool woman in your life who wants to help you out with your baby, do yourself a favor and just let them, OK?Amy Schumer basically demands it.