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Anthony Weiner Is Being Investigated By Children's Services After His Latest Scandal

The first national scandal surrounding now-ex-New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, following his admission that he exchanged provocative images online with women who are not his wife, exploded in 2011, the same year his son was born. Just months after the onetime promising Democratic politician left office over that racy revelation, his wife gave birth to Jordan. Five years later, the marriage has now officially dissolved in the midst of a third alleged sexting scandal, and this time it's apparently put his family in a perilous position as well. Weiner is now reportedly being investigated by Children's Services after the eruption of his latest scandal publicized a NSFW photo he allegedly sent to an internet acquaintance, which featured a toddler who's believed to be his own now-4-year-old son.

Just one day after after The New York Post ran an exclusive Sunday cover story detailing Weiner's latest round of alleged indiscretions, his wife, Huma Abedin — who's also the most well-known aide to former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — announced that she would be separating from him. It was a move political spectators and those who just love some salacious gossip had long anticipated: After Weiner admitted that the scandalous pic that briefly appeared to his public Twitter account in April 2011 was one he'd inadvertently uploaded himself while trying to send it to a to another woman, his political resurgence in the form of a 2013 run for mayor of New York City crumbled under similar sexting accusations.

It's impossible to know for sure why Abedin decided to call it quits with Weiner after the third time he was publicly dragged for his alleged online dalliances, as opposed to the first or second time. But CNN reported that two unnamed sources the outlet identified as "close to the family" described the Clinton aide as "furious and sickened" at the photo The New York Post published, in which her sleeping, unwitting child reportedly made a cameo. (Romper reached out to Weiner spokespersons for comment, but did not immediately hear back.)

It's a view the state seems to share, or at least believes merits further scrutiny to ensure the child's safety and well-being. The New York Post reported that the Administration for Children's Services visited Weiner and Abedin's New York City apartment Tuesday, which would have been in line with its protocol of visiting a site within 48 hours of reports that a child may be living in a potentially unsuitable environment.

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Weiner, though, who reportedly left the residence at about 6 a.m. ET that morning, told the publication that Children's Services had not contacted or interviewed him personally. He has not commented publicly about the latest development in his allegedly years-long sexting saga, but he did tell the Post that he has corresponded and is friends with the woman who shared the explicit photos included in the conversations that the two had reportedly engaged in since January 2015.

"She has asked me not to comment except to say that our conversations were private, often included pictures of her nieces and nephews and my son and were always appropriate," he said, according to the Post.

According to The Independent, Weiner reportedly regarded those photos of his son — he allegedly sent nine of them over two years — as a "chick magnet." It's information that, while perhaps not criminal (the photos depicted the boy on a swing or wrapped in a hooded bathrobe, for example), can't look good to Children's Services. It also presents pretty compelling content for a potential sequel to the documentary Weiner, which chronicles Weiner's exploits and his failed mayoral bid and premiered this summer.

Regardless of whether or not he interacted with the the administration, this is undoubtedly yet another tumultuous time for Weiner as he's again in the national spotlight for something controversial. His wife — who reportedly hasn't worn a wedding ring for weeks — has left him, and now even his relationship with his son is in question. Weiner has not been charged with any crime and likely won't be, but that likely won't bring him any comfort anytime soon.