Here's Which Duggars Have Official Social Media Accounts

The Duggar kids (all 19 of them!) have spent at least a good portion of their lives growing up in front of our eyes on their various TLC reality shows and specials, and even if you aren't necessarily a fan of the super-sized, super-conservative family, there's still something intriguing about seeing how they live. Even though their original reality series, 19 Kids and Counting, is no longer on the air, the family continues to be popular on Instagram and Twitter. But are all the Duggars on social media? The Duggars actually have rules about who can and can't have individual social media accounts, so most of the Duggar siblings aren't online. But you'll still have to pay close attention: even among the members with official accounts, there are plenty of fakes trying to pass themselves off as the real thing (and some of them have sizeable followings).

It's no secret that the Duggar family follows a pretty strict set of faith-based beliefs that might seem a bit intense to some. The girls don't wear pants, for example (though that may be changing for some of the married Duggar women), and instead of dating, they enter into courtships, where dates must be chaperoned, hugs must come from the side, hands must not be held until they are engaged, and first kisses are saved for marriage. But hand-holding isn't the only thing that has to wait for a ring: according to AOL, the Duggars are only allowed to have social media accounts once they are engaged to be married — and even then, some of them choose to forego an online presence all together. So which of the Duggar family members can you follow on social media? Here's who is actually sharing online.

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar

Although Duggar parents Jim Bob & Michelle don't seem like they'd be particularly interesting to follow on social media, their accounts are actually a really great source for those looking for accurate information on the family. In addition to posting updates on the official Duggar family website, the Duggars have a verified official account on Instagram, a Duggar family YouTube channel, a Duggar family Twitter account, and an official Duggar Facebook page.

In addition to offering up a chance for fans to see updates on all the Duggar kids who don't have their own social media accounts, it's also gives the family a way to squash rumors — as well as to remind fans of all the fake Duggar accounts floating around. In Feb. 2015, for example, the Duggars posted a list of "true Duggar accounts" to Instagram (though the list is now outdated), and explained that the Duggar Family account follows every Duggar who has a real account. In other words, if you come across a Duggar account that isn't verified? Checking the @DuggarFam's "following" list on IG is a good way to figure out if it's legit.

Jill & Derek Dillard

As the first Duggar daughter to get engaged (and married, and pregnant), Jill Dillard is pretty much an old pro at this point when it comes to social media. Jill has an impressive 1.6 million followers on her verified Instagram account, @jillmdillard, where she regularly posts pics of her life as a married mom of two young boys, Israel and Samuel. Jill is also on Twitter (@jillmdillard), and she and husband Derek Dillard also maintain a Dillard Family website.

(Derek can also be found on Instagram at @derickdillard, and on Twitter at @derickmdillard.)

Jessa & Ben Seewald

As the next Duggar daughter to get married, Jessa is also popular on social media, where she too shares glimpses of her life as a wife and mom. In fact, Jessa actually has more Instagram followers on her official Instagram account, @jessaseewald, than her big sis (2 million). Jessa's husband, Ben Seewald, is also on Instagram (@ben_seewald), and unlike his wife, is also on Twitter (@BenSeewald). The couple also has a family website, The Seewald Family.

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo

Despite being married longer than some of her siblings, Jinger Vuolo is actually the only married Duggar who isn't expecting, or already a mom. But even though she hasn't been on social media as long as her sisters have, Jinger has become a bit of a fan favorite for her so-called "rebellion" — she's posted photos on her official Instagram account that show her wearing pants, which is supposedly a big Duggar no-no. Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is also on Instagram, and has a verified page on Facebook, while the two share an official website, The Vuolos.

What's not quite as clear though is whether the couple is actually on Twitter. Both Jinger and Jeremy appear to have "official" Twitter accounts, though neither is verified, and neither account is followed by the Duggar Family Twitter page. It's possible that it's still them, of course, but given that the Twitter link on the couple's website just links to @DuggarFam, it might be best to stick to following the couple on Instagram instead.

Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth

Unlike her sisters, who chose to start their own social media accounts once they got engaged, Joy-Anna Duggar opted instead to share an Instagram account with her husband, Austin Forsyth (@austinandjoyforsyth) after the couple got married in May. The couple's page only has 27 photos on it so far, but there are some cute wedding pics and shots of their newlywed life, as well as some bump pics (Joy is currently pregnant with the couple's first child).

Instagram might just be the only place you'll find updates about Joy and Austin though. Although a Twitter search does show an account for Joy claiming to be her official page, it's also unverified, and includes a link to an Instagram page that isn't actually hers. Maybe Joy and Austin just aren't big into social media?

Josh & Anna Duggar

Josh Duggar was actually the first Duggar sibling to marry, when he tied the knot with his wife, Anna, in 2008. The couple now has five children together, but it hasn't been an easy road — 29-year-old Josh has been embroiled in a number of sex scandals which ultimately led to the family's reality show being cancelled (a spin-off series, Counting On, has been following the lives of some of the older Duggar siblings and their families).

Unsurprisingly, Josh has kept a low profile since then, and while he does have an official Twitter page, he hasn't actually updated it since 2015. Anna, however, has maintained an online presence on Twitter, where she most recently shared photos of her family at Christmas. Anna also has an Instagram account, though she doesn't seem to keep it up-to-date: her last post went up in Feb. 2016.

Josiah Duggar

Josiah Duggar started an Instagram account in April 2015, which was around the time he began courting Marjorie Jackson. The two eventually called it quits, and Josiah has remained single ever since — yet in August, 21-year-old Josiah started actively posting on Instagram again. That obviously goes against the usual Duggar rules, although it also seems against the rules that he was even allowed to go on social media before actually getting engaged. The Duggars haven't shed any light on why Josiah gets a pass, but maybe the fact that he'd already been posting online while in a courtship meant they figured he might as well continue?

(If you're interested, Josiah is also on Twitter, though his last tweet was in 2016, and his tweets are mostly just links to his Instagram posts.)

Although it's helpful to know which of the Duggar siblings are actually on social media, it's also worth noting the ones who definitely aren't. Despite getting married in September (and recently announcing that they are expecting their first child), Joe Duggar and his wife, Kendra, haven't started social media accounts — even though there are accounts on Instagram that appear to be theirs. And although Duggar fans seem to want eldest Duggar daughter, Jana, to have her own Instagram account, since she isn't engaged or courting, that doesn't seem like it will be happening anytime soon.

As much as social media has given fans a whole new way to follow along with their favorite stars, it's also given rise to plenty of imposters — even for a religious reality show family that likely wouldn't even consider themselves to be celebrities (I mean, they don't even watch TV). But since Duggar fans seem to be especially good at impersonating the family online? It's definitely helpful to know exactly who's who when it comes to the Duggars' social media accounts.

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