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Cody & Jessica Have Grown Really Close On 'BB19'

Showmances on Big Brother are just part of the show. Love it or hate it, there will always be at least one showmance each season and Season 19 has already seen a few. The one that's caught the attention of most fans is the one between Cody and Jessica. So are Cody and Jessica hooking up on Big Brother 19? The live feeders certainly seem to think so.

From the very start, Cody and Jessica have been all over each other. Once Cody won the Head of Household competition in the first week, Jessica jumped right into his arms and never seemed to leave. Even after Cody rocked the house by nominating Paul and then Christmas for eviction last week, Jessica stood by her man's side and at this point they only really have each other to lean on.

However, just because they like to be all over each other, does that necessarily mean they've slept together? The fans that watch the live feeds claim Jessica and Cody have definitely hooked up more than once since they've been in the house. Even so, this is all just speculation and nothing has really been confirmed yet by either Cody or Jessica themselves. Plus, one former houseguest claims Jessica and Cody's relationship is actually fake.

After Jillian was evicted from the house during the first live eviction, she opened up about what she really thinks is going on between Jessica and Cody. "They are not going to last," she told Us Weekly. "It is so fake! It's one of those things where they just want attention. Not really Cody, just Jessica. She just wants to get famous." Jill also add that: "Jessica wants to be in the limelight and they're totally different people. It's just a summer fling and I wouldn't be surprised if they break up before the end of the show."

Well, it looks like this showmance will be breaking up but probably not in the way Jillian expected. Cody was backdoored by Paul this week and now sits on the block, alongside Ramses and Alex. Pretty much everyone in the house agrees that Cody should go home, so it'd be incredibly shocking if he somehow survived this eviction.

With Cody getting ready to pack his bags, Jessica will be left all alone in the house and she'll most likely be next. At this point, Jessica's only shot at survival is winning HOH or getting a temptation from America. Unfortunately for Jessica, the odds just don't seem to be in her favor right now.

You can see who gets evicted from the Big Brother house live, Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.