Emiley & Her Boyfriend From 'Unexpected' Had Some Real Issues

Unexpected is officially back for Season 2 on TLC, and with it are new expecting mothers. Emiley and her boyfriend, Diego, are one of the new couples. Are Emiley and her boyfriend from Unexpected still together? Their lives have changed drastically and quickly.

Both Emiley Noack and Diego Reyes were interviewed for local Oklahoma ABC News outlet, KSWO in which they say they are living together and raising their child, Aria — so I think it's fairly it's safe to say they haven't broken up.

When describing her birth story and the process of filming Unexpected to KSWO Emiley said, "The first episode starts out with a family dinner of mine and it introduces my family and how we eat dinner and you get to know us and then the second part I actually call Diego to come to help me pack a hospital bag." She continued, "I think it went okay."

Emiley and Diego want other teens to watch Unexpected to see the reality of being parents in your teenage years. Emiley told KSWO, "It shows day to day roughness, the nice stuff and also so they can relate to somebody else out there." Not only are they still together, but Emiley and Diego share a YouTube channel documenting life with their new daughter.

Emiley's story on Unexpected begins before her child is born. In the premiere, she and her mom, Bridget discuss life before pregnancy. Emiley was captain of her cheerleading squad and at the top of her class — so basically, like the beginning of a teen high school movie. Her hobbies included softball and rodeo. She and her boyfriend Diego were planning on waiting for marriage to have sex. Obviously, that changed.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I kept telling myself, like, I'm going to wake up and everything's gonna be okay," she said. "Like, this is not happening to me. This stuff doesn't happen to me." It took Emiley weeks for her to accept the fact that she was indeed pregnant. She revealed that she and her mom never talked about sex until she got pregnant — but now she's planning on teaching her daughter about birth control.

In the Season 2 premiere of Unexpected, Diego and Emiley seemed to have tensions growing. Right after she gave birth, Diego told her that she looked "pudgy," which is rude to say to anyone, let alone someone who just gave birth. From the looks of their local news story and of Emiley's Instagram account, though, the two seemed to get over their differences and are still raising Aria together.

Emiley and Diego aren't on their own, though. Their parents are helping them with Aria. "It takes a village" may be a cliché, but it exists for a reason. Diego told KSWO, "It's super helpful to have someone else around." He continued, "Sometimes the help is not always great, but help is help." That's for sure, especially because Emiley wanted to return to having a "normal" life after giving birth, like trying out for the cheer team.

Having a baby at any point of one's life is a huge life adjustment, so I can't imagine what it must be like for a couple as young as Emiley and Diego. As they said, though, it's great that Unexpected shows a glimpse of what it is like for the viewers — especially young ones who may not want to be parents so young. Unexpected airs on Sunday nights on TLC.