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Are Evan & Chad Friends Now After 'The Bachelorette'? They Have To Put Up With Each Other

Reflecting on the season as we approach its end, one of the most entertaining parts of The Bachelorette Season 12 was, without a doubt, Chad Johnson and his meat-eating, milk-swilling antics. Clearly, as soon as the producers recognized his no-nonsense attitude and predisposition to aggression as the reality show gold it was, they decided that he'd make the perfect villain. And Chad more than delivered. By the time JoJo dumped him mid two-on-one date, ditching him in the middle of the woods, Chad was on terrible terms with nearly every other man in the house. But Chad had no greater enemy than Evan Bass, the often-hapless erectile disfunction specialist. It's been months of IRL time since the drama between the two men went down, so are Evan & Chad friends now after The Bachelorette? I wouldn't count on it.

Chad hasn't exactly chilled out since exiting stage left. If anything, his social media presence post-show has gone all in on cultivating that brash, arrogant, yet hilarious persona that I truly thought had been polished to perfection already. In his time since leaving the show, he's taken to Twitter to basically live tweet episodes and berate his former competitors, continue to take potshots at the men who wanted the protein powder pounding bro out of the house post-haste.

Chad even somehow managed to meet up with Robby's ex and blast it out on social media, which was basically the ultimate F-you to Robby.

More recently, Chad hung out with other fellow contestant Grant's ex-girlfriend and posted about it on Instagram, taking a swipe at Grant for the rumors that he dated and used his reality TV producer ex to get on The Bachelorette.

Basically, Chad is on fire right now, weirdly (and kind of disturbingly) very, very good at tracking down and buddying up with these dudes' ex-girlfriends.

While actually on the show, one of Chad's earliest beefs (pun so much intended) was with Evan. Things even got physical between the two when Chad ripped Evan's shirt, a moment that quickly become iconic in Bachelorette history when Evan would just not let it go and kept demanding a new T-shirt from the Chadelor.

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Now, the two men are both set to appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, competing for the hearts of multiple women. Clearly, that's going to go swimmingly.

As far as I can tell from cursory social media stalking, Evan and Chad hadn't reconnected after The Bachelorette finished filming, as Evan has with some of the other more friendly contestants. This means that, in all likelihood, what we see on Bachelor in Paradise will be the first the two men have seen of one another since their time competing for JoJo's heart came to an end. Basically, I can't wait for Bachelor in Paradise to premiere. It's going to be intense.