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So Are Jack & Aesha Dating After 'Below Deck Mediterranean’ Or What?

When you stick a group of twenty-somethings on a boat for months on end, the occasional hookup is bound to happen. To no one's surprise, one of the best parts of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 has been the flirtationship between newcomers Jack Stirrup and Aesha Scott, and it doesn't look like these two goofballs are slowing down anytime soon. But are Jack and Aesha dating after Below Deck Mediterranean? Although fans of the Bravo reality series want to see the duo make some more trouble together, it looks like the sparks fizzled out once they docked on land.

After a bit of digging, it's pretty clear that Jack and Aesha are not together — in any sense. According to their social media accounts, the two Below Deck Med castmates have caught the wanderlust bug, but on different sides of the world. Aesha's Instagram profile has shown the free spirit living it up in Monaco and Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Jack has been spotted all throughout Italy and Spain. Jack's Instagram page is also filled with photos of his current girlfriend, Kelly Hidge.

As fans might remember, when Jack was first introduced to Below Deck Med, he revealed that he was seeing Kelly before filming the show.

"I was going out with this girl before I came here. I said, 'Listen, I'm going on a yacht. I'm not going to be loyal,'" Jack said in a clip. "I'm looking forward to having a few drinks and having a little wiggle. Maybe crack on with one of the girls? Who knows what could happen?"

Nonetheless, Kelly and Jack found their way back to each other after Below Deck Med ended, and they've been traveling the world together ever since.

Given the endless hookups that happen on Below Deck Med, fans might question whether or not Bravo puts their cast members up to it. In an interview with The Spinoff, Aesha revealed that she didn't feel pressured to pursue romance while on the show. She also shared that everything they did was "purely" up to them.

"They know what your relationship status is, so I don’t know if they think about that," Aesha said. "But they never ask you 'If you came on, would you be willing do to this or willing to do that?' It’s just purely up to us."

The Bravo star then offered an explanation for all the budding romances on the show.

"I think in yachting, you’ve got a bunch of young people who usually are single because it’s such a hard industry to have a relationship in," she said. "You’re sticking us all on a yacht, and you’re making us all tired and we’ve got nowhere else to be, so I think it’s kind of inevitable that some romances flare up. But they definitely don’t try and set that up."

The chemistry between Aesha and Jack on Below Deck Med is undeniable. However, it seems that their wild antics together were never meant for a longstanding romantic relationship. And to be honest, there's nothing wrong with that.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 airs Monday nights on Bravo.