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Jasmine & Matt May Be On The Outs On 'Paradise'

In the first few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, the boozy, tanned, and raucous younger sibling of the more sedate Bachelor franchise, it looked like Jasmine Goode and Matt Munson were one of the first couples to form on the resort. But does it have the potential to really go the distance off-screen? Are Jasmine and Matt still together after Bachelor in Paradise? Well, if the preview for Episode 5 is any indication, I'm sorry to say probably not.

Since this season's first ever promo, it has been teasing Jasmine racing down the beach and shouting back at the cameras, "You want good TV, ABC? I'm about to give you good TV." This moment appears to happen because a new and upcoming arrival, Christen, shows up in Paradise to shake things up and appears to catch the eye of Jasmine's man. Obviously, drama ensues. Christen apparently declares immediately that she's going to ask Matt on a date, which Jasmine (understandably!) is not super cool with since she definitely seems to like him herself. Now it's looking like Matt and Christen are into each other and Jasmine could potentially be on the outs. I have literally no idea what Jasmine is going to do to give ABC "good TV," but I kind of hope it's something incredibly silly like a pie to the face.

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From all my sleuthing, I can't find any evidence that Matt and Jasmine are still an item, or even still hanging out. It looks like a lot of Bachelor alums hang out with one another, but there doesn't seem to be any hint that Matt and Jasmine have gotten together at all once the cameras stopped rolling. Neither Matt nor Jasmine has posted anything with the other person in it on their social media accounts lately, though this could, of course, just be there to throw us all off the scent. The photos of the episode indicate that Matt and Christen are indeed at least going to sit on a couch together, but Jasmine meanwhile is nowhere to be seen.

To be honest with you guys, I'm a little disappointed for Jasmine. I always had a soft spot for her, probably because she's just a little "too much," but completely unabashed about it. Yes, her choking thing is a little bit weird, but she is also a little bit weird and I appreciate that about her. So while I'm sorry things don't seem to work out with Matt, I'm still rooting for her to find the real man of her dreams. Just maybe not on TV.