The 'Summer House' Newcomers Are Already Fitting In With The Rest Of The Cast

Summer House is like the reality show for young professionals who have graduated beyond shows like Siesta Key, but aren't yet mature enough to give up reality TV all together. Honestly, though, I don't think that point ever comes and I’m totally OK with that. This season on Summer House, there are some newbies, including Jordan, who seems to have a thing for Danielle. Viewers are definitely going to be curious if Jordan and Danielle are dating after Summer House, because the hookups are half the fun.

Summer House typically features the same cast members every season, who are also friends outside of the seasonal party house. Season 3, however, has some new younger faces to switch things up. Jordan seems to have set his sights on Danielle right away and even though he’s one of the new kids on the block, being fresh and exciting might bode well for him.

Carl, who has been on the show since Season 1, told Aol that the new additions to the cast are "really really fun" especially after the drama that ensued with some of the other cast members at last season's reunion. "They're younger. You know, I'm in my 30s and these girls are in their 20s [and] Jordan just turned 30," he said, of the new cast members this season. "So, I think young blood is good. They definitely bring a new perspective of having fun with us and they definitely fit right in."

In a clip from tonight’s episode, Jordan seems to get jealous when another guy hits on Danielle and the two men faux compete to take her on a date. I don't think she’s serious about actually going on a date with the winner, but from the looks of it, she’s not hating the attention and the "winner" is kind of charming. Being one of the new cast members, Jordan is fun and open with none of the history that some of the friends already have with each other. If he and Danielle get together this season, they could continue a romance outside of the show.

Right now, it’s hard to say if they are together. As with any reality show that airs well after it was filmed, the stars are pretty mum on social media about their current relationship statuses. Although neither Danielle or Jordan have any photos on their respective Instagrams with each other to give away a potential relationship, there are some clues that point to them at least still being interested in each other.

On a recent Instagram picture of Danielle and her dog, Jordan commented about her dog’s hat. Jordan has also liked a lot of Danielle’s Instagram selfies. It’s not the most piping hot tea, but it’s something. And it means that Danielle and Jordan could be dating or at least have a chance. Right now, however, it’s all speculation since neither have confirmed anything.

In the clip from tonight’s episode of Summer House, Jordan seems to already have feelings for Danielle, so I could see this being one of those will they/won’t they type of things as the season goes on. They do seem to like each other as it is and even if they are just friends right now outside of the show, there could still be hope.

If they already have chemistry on the show, though, it's easy to see why fans might be wondering if Danielle and Jordan are together now that filming is over. Until either of them actually come out and confirm that they are or aren't together, though, fans will have to continue to try and figure it out for themselves.