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Are Lucious & Anika Getting Back Together On 'Empire'? Twitter Seems To Think So

Time and time again, women fall for Lucious on Empire. Most of the time they even recognize that he's done some pretty despicable things in the pursuit of money and power, but that doesn't stop them. What's more, we've seen Lucious rekindle lost loves – so they definitely know what he's about. We've seen this with Cookie, who went to jail for over a decade and was still charmed. Now another woman may be following her footsteps: Anika. Are Lucious and Anika getting back together on Empire? Fans on Twitter have a lot to say about it.

New mother Anika has already been through so much this season, like having just given birth to her husband's son's child. Oh, and she also killed her husband's other son's wife. Lest we forget, she married Lucious at the end of last season so she wouldn't have to testify against him in court. This signals a lot of things about who they both are as people. If nothing else, they are alike in one way: they're both opportunistic and will go so far as to marry the other to get what they want.

Not surprisingly, the two were not passionately in love when they made their vows...but could that change soon? Are they actually a perfect match? At the end of Wednesday's episode, Lucious looked longingly at Anika while she was getting ready for bed. While minuscule to some, other fans saw sparks – and did not hesitate to say so on Twitter:

Clearly there are mixed feelings, but social media agrees on what happened: Lucious gave Anika a look. A look that says something to the effect of, "Can we get together even though you birthed my son's baby, killed my other son's wife, we got married so I wouldn't go to jail meaning we both bent – if not broke – the law and we're both morally ambiguous people at best and horrible at worst?"

Well, Lucious is not that self aware so he would never actually say that. Regardless, he is probably feeling some type of way about Anika. Could she feel it back? If nothing else, Lucious is incredible charming, so it may not be difficult. With only a couple episodes left before the fall finale, hopefully we'll find out sooner rather than later what's really going on with these two.