So What's The Truth Behind Mark & Elena's Relationship On 'Ex On The Beach'?

Mark Jansen and Elena Davies have had enough ups and downs in the span of two years to create their own roller coaster. The couple met and fell in love during Big Brother 19 in 2017. They then broke up in Feb. 2019 and were later cast in Season 3 of Ex on the Beach. In a turn of events, Elena was voted off the MTV series. So naturally, fans are wondering if Mark and Elena are together after Ex on the Beach. Viewers of the show seem to think the reality stars are still dating.

Mark and Elena had a public breakup, and both Big Brother stars revealed what happened to their relationship online. As Elena discussed the split in an Instagram post, Mark shared the news through a lengthy YouTube confessional. But as the stars would have it, Elena would surprise Mark on Ex on the Beach Season 3 in an attempt to win him back. However, things did not go according to plan.

On the show, Elena admitted she was still in love with Mark. Nonetheless, Elena's time on the MTV reality series was cut short, and she was sent home in the second episode. During her exit interview, Elena expressed her wish to cut ties with Mark's "toxic" behavior, despite her attachment to him.

"I deserve something better than that, and obviously he feels like he deserves someone better than me," Elena said, per MTV. "I need to close the door completely on this."

Even so, it looks like the two Ex on the Beach stars are hanging out now that the cameras have stopped rolling.

After a bit of detective work by yours truly, I realized Mark and Elena aren't exactly subtle about hiding their relationship — whatever that may be. Prior to the Ex on the Beach premiere, both reality stars shared similar Instagram photos in bed. And although Elena denied getting back together with Mark on her MiscELENAeous podcast, she also admitted the pair reconnected.

"I know rumors are circulating heavily again due to our Instagram posts," she said on her podcast, per Us Weekly. "Unfortunately I am going to leave you a little bit unsatisfied. … I cannot and absolutely will not speak on behalf of Mark, but what I will say is this. I do love him very, very much still."

Then in June, both Elena and Mark shared pictures on Instagram from 506 Lofts in Nashville, leading to more speculation. But even more recently, the reality stars have been spotted in Orlando. And although they are both participating in a charity along with other Big Brother alum, Mark and Elena have been taking photos with fans as they venture the city together. Seriously, just take a look at the "tagged" section on Instagram.

Neither Elena nor Mark have officially spoken out about their current relationship status after Ex on the Beach. For all I know, the reality stars could just be friends at this point. Regardless, it's nice to see the pair getting along after their messy end on the MTV series.

Ex on the Beach Season 3 airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.