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Are Peter & Rachel Engaged On 'The Bachelorette'? They Have Fans Rooting For Them


Watching the very real relationship between Peter and Rachel grow on this season of The Bachelorette was a refreshing take on a show that can sometimes feel more contrived and forced than anything else. But when it’s all said and done, are Peter and Rachel engaged on The Bachelorette? They’ve had fans rooting for them since the beginning and although Peter wasn't the recipient of the prized first impression rose, he was someone who seemed to connect with Rachel right away. But right now, it can go either way.

Although Rachel has yet to narrow the guys down to the final two, I’d be willing to bet several bouquets of roses that Peter and Bryan will both be left standing in Spain when Rachel is ready to welcome a proposal. And if it’s between the two of them, Bryan might win out in the end.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved Peter and his realness since he adorably pointed out the gap in his teeth that he shares with Rachel, but being sweet and getting to go on the most perfect one-on-ones (Bark Fest and that dog sled ride were both pretty adorable) doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the one for Rachel. Even so, fans are still rallying for Peter and Rachel to be endgame on The Bachelorette.

It’s easy to see a comfortable and romantic future for them, but with Bryan, it’s also easy to see that as well. Not to mention the very obvious passion the two of them share. And while passion isn’t the only thing a relationship needs, it has to be there in addition to the romance that Peter seems to bring to the table. Judging by Peter’s Instagram, he still hasn’t made any move to Dallas, which is where Rachel lives and works. It looks like he’s very much back into his routine of personal training in L.A.

He might be just waiting for Rachel to join him once The Bachelorette has finished filming, but he seems pretty content doing his own thing. So much so that you have to consider the possibility that Peter and Rachel aren’t engaged now.

Diehard fans of Rachel and Peter, of course, came up with their couple name, "Pachel," and created a hashtag for it on Instagram to continue to support the potential couple throughout the season. Under a Bachelorette sceenshot of Peter and Rachel, one fan wrote, "Blessing your feed with this #Pachel perfection. This is love. No way other around it."

Another devoted fan commented on one of Peter’s Instagram photos from early on in the season, stating, "Can't wait to see the finally where you get on one knees gosh hope is u she picks gosh y'all got that chemistry it will break my heart if is not you." Now, I don’t know about all that, but I will say that if Bryan weren’t in the picture, there'd be no question about Rachel and Peter getting engaged.

If they had more time, Peter could be the one to propose to Rachel and she might accept it, but the way things look right now, Bryan might be more in that place of readiness than anyone else competing for Rachel’s love. But hey, that's just one fan's opinion. We'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.