Are You Hornier During The Solar Eclipse? Mother Nature's Looking Out For You

Beyond being stellar to see, the solar eclipse has some people wondering about how the celestial event will shake up things down here on planet earth. If you are like my mom, then you call your daughter — ahem, me — to remind her to keep tabs on her migraines. (Something about imbalances.) Some cultures believe it's necessary to wear a safety pin to protect a baby in the womb and guard against birth defects, while others say the event means something different for each zodiac sign. But what about your love life? Are you hornier during the solar eclipse?

"It wouldn’t be correct to say, without over-generalizing, that desire is increased around an eclipse," Dr. Carol Queen, the staff sexologist at Good Vibrations tells Romper. "But when it is, it’s likely linked to the extreme rarity and amazing spectacle of the eclipse — sort of like a cosmic vacation where everything is completely different for a brief time. It’s not at all unusual for out-of-the-ordinary events to make some people feel extra-sexual, or want to commemorate such a one-off experience with sex."

According to, the full moon enhances your spiritual energies, meaning that it might be the time to try a sexual practice, like tantric sex, to feel more connected to your partner. Beginner steps for trying tantra include facing your partner and wrapping your legs around their waist while trying a breath exchange where you synchronize your breathing. Add kissing and touching, but maintain eye contact.

If you are flying solo, then consider some literal self love. Whether it's via self-massage or a new bedroom toy, now is the time to learn more about some of your deepest erotic desires.

Many people also believe that a solar eclipse is a time of transformation, meaning people who are attune to such things will notice opportunities for change. Anxiety, bursts of creative energy, sleeplessness, appetite changes, and irritability are also all reported as possible effects of an eclipse, according to Patch.

It sounds like the solar eclipse and sex are a lot like any relationship — every couple is different. You might be super irritated with your partner or craving more of whatever their dishing out. Either way, you'll have a pretty cool view while doing so.