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Ashley Graham Detailed Her Delicious & Relatable Pregnancy Cravings

So here is the thing I sometimes miss about being pregnant: Eating all the food. I know it's cliché, but honestly if I could just talk to you for a moment about how food tastes when you're pregnant then you would know. There is an extra level of deliciousness to the food you crave, in my experience, that you just never get back after you give birth. Don't believe me? Check out Ashley Graham's pregnancy cravings via her list of emojis recently shared on Instagram. This expectant first-time mom is all about indulging in some fine, delicious food, and I'm here for it.

The 31-year-old model is expecting her first baby with husband of nine years, Justin Ervin. The couple announced their exciting news back in August on their wedding anniversary, and ever since then Graham has been sharing relatable and amazing pregnancy updates with her fans. Like that time she was reached out to the "pregnant women of the world" in search of maternity leggings that "go above my belly and are durable," in an Instagram video. Or more recently when she took to Instagram to share a short list of her pregnancy cravings via some emojis. Because sometimes you just have to get real specific about your needs, you know?

According to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model's emoji list, she is craving strawberries, corn on the cob, pickles, salad, donuts, honey, and coffee. But the list doesn't end there, as she wrote in the caption: "feed me all the cravings, literally every emoji except missing cantaloupe!"

Of course, Graham is not alone when it comes to craving delicious foods and beverages of all kinds while she's pregnant. A strong desire for certain foods while you're carrying a baby is pretty universal, according to Psychology Today, even if those cravings are apparently somewhat driven by the culture we live in. For example, in the United States the most common cravings are for sweet foods like chocolate, fruits, and juices. So it seems Graham's donut and fruit cravings in particular are right on target. Fortunately she is clearly going to go ahead and simply enjoy her newly excited taste buds while she's pregnant.

In fact, enjoying her pregnancy seems to be Graham's go-to emotion. All of her posts are about embracing her changing body and her upcoming role as a mom, whether that means going for a massage or doing some yoga and "feeling that mama glow" as she wrote in a recent Instagram post.

Perhaps Graham's secret to a happy pregnancy is simply this: she is able to embrace all of the change while still staying true to who she was beforehand. She is still strutting down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week for Tommy Hilfiger, growing bump and all, but also not stressing about eating delicious food to nourish herself and her baby. It's all about balance with Ashley Graham, it seems.

Now if she could just start posting photos of the food she's enjoying during her pregnancy cravings I could live vicariously through her.