Stop What You're Doing RN Because Crayola & Asos Launched A Beauty Line & It's Glorious

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Remember the utter joy of cracking open a brand new box of Crayola crayons? All those bright new colors and perfectly unblemished points, the pristine paper wrappers, that amazing waxy smell... it's a feeling that pretty much has no equal in adult life, unfortunately. Or, I should say, it's a feeling that's had no equal until now: Crayola just partnered with ASOS to launch a cosmetics collection called Crayola Beauty, available exclusively at ASOS — and it's basically like all your childhood and grown-up dreams came true all at once.

Featuring 95 vegan, cruelty-free shades of lipsticks, eye palettes, highlighters, and mascaras, as well as a full set of brushes, the collection includes everything you need to turn your own face into an art project. It's "all inspired by Crayola’s true spirit of self-expression and personal creativity," according to a press release, and it's true that the whole vibe of the line will bring you right back to those carefree childhood days when some new markers and a drawing pad were all the inspo you needed to let your imagination run wild. The packaging is irresistible, echoing the original crayon box design everybody knows and loves (that squiggle-within-a-stripe thing), and many of the products themselves look like actual crayons. It's sort of perfect timing, when you think about it, considering how trendy the "stick" is in cosmetics right now (think brands like Milk Makeup). There are slim "face crayons" available in a wide range of colors that are suitable for eyes, lips, and cheeks, as well as dedicated "lip and cheek" only crayons, plus shimmery highlighter crayons that are thicker and easier to hold.

Face, lip, and eyeshadow palettes resembling the watercolor paint sets you loved in elementary school include a variety of shades that can be mixed and matched to create completely unique and customized colors. As for mascara, while basic black is of course an option, so are Electric Blue and Turquoise Blue, because... why not? If you're into the idea of cosmetics that look like crayons, you're probably open to being a little adventurous when it comes to colorful makeup. Plus, you know your inner child is all but jumping up and down at the idea of bright blue eyelashes.

Another very appealing this about this product line is its relative affordability. Okay, so nothing is quite as cheap as a box of crayons, but the prices are still reasonable as far as non-drugstore cosmetics go, ranging from $15 to $40. Your biggest challenge will probably be holding yourself back from buying everything.

Actually, I take that back. Your biggest challenge will probably be keeping your kids away from your Crayola Beauty haul. Not just because they look like crayons, but once they catch on to the fact that they're crayons for your face, they're gonna be all over that idea. (Hide them, and hide them well.)

These are just a few of the must-have products on sale at ASOS now — check out the website to browse the entire collection. And have your credit card ready. Trust me.