Avocados Win The Super Bowl Commercial Game (At Least So Far), & Avocados Win Everything

Well, here's something that no one with a pulse will be surprised about: People love avocados. More specifically, to people watching the Super Bowl, the avocados commercial is already a big winner. (Sports? Beyoncé? Pssh. Whatever. AVOCADOS, GUYS.) The Super Bowl ad spot by Avocados from Mexico (which I did not know were "ripe year round" and honestly, we're not worthy of that kind of constant bounty in our otherwise hollow lives), features a pu pu platter of Things Millennials Like™: emoji, the white-and-gold dress, and you know...a bunch of other things you are definitely tired of hearing about (but, let's be honest, are absolutely the exact things you would show to a bunch of aliens if you were trying to explain our whole deal, to them.)

Look, this commercial is fine and everything, but can we take a moment to celebrate the real victory around here? Like the fact that avocados — a fruit — has somehow become so in control of its brand that it is basically the undisputed Food Of Millennials. Do you know how hard Nutella tried to lock that sh*t down? Super Bowl, shmooper bowl (I did) — I think we all know who the real winner here is.

Because we all have Internet access and we're watching something on TV and this is just what we do, people have already taken to social media to talk about all of their perfectly ripe feelings about this ~ Millennial Fest ~ of an ad:

To be fair, even though this ad was clearly well thought out and nicely executed, avocados sell themselves. The ad could've literally just been one static beauty shot of an avocado being sliced open to reveal perfectly ripe flesh inside with the words "I KNOW, RIGHT?" across the screen, and that ad still would've been our favorite. (Actually, that ad sounds amazing, and no you can't have the idea. Shotgun on that one.)