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Ayesha Curry Promptly Shut Down A Troll Who Body-Shamed Her Baby

I've never been a big fan of trends, and there's one trend in particular I would love to see end just about any second now. That trend is body-shaming. Anyone who feels they have the right to make personal comments about anyone else's body needs to understand that they are a dying fad much like boot cut jeans and scrunchies. Everyone is bone-deep tired of it and it just needs to stop. Unfortunately, internet trolls don't seem in any rush to stop and here's what's worse — some of them are going after babies, yes, babies. This week, Ayesha Curry's baby got body-shamed by a troll, but don't worry, she cut them to the quick immediately. Because no one has time for this nonsense.

Ayesha Curry and her husband, NBA player Steph Curry, share three children together; 6-year-old daughter Riley, 3-year-old daughter Ryan, and 10-month-old baby boy Canon, according to USA Today. The proud mom shared a photo of her family on Tuesday celebrating her husband's big win at the NBA Western Conference Championship, which he played against his brother Seth Curry, according to ESPN.

It was clearly a pretty happy moment for the family, with Curry captioning the photo in part: "Infinitely proud of these guys. Gods grace and mercy continues to cover our family and we are so grateful. Not about wins and losses, it’s all about family."

Curry can be seen standing in the middle with her baby boy in her arms, surrounded by family and friends. Which for some strange reason had one Instagram user reaching out to ask her the question you are literally just never supposed to ask any woman ever: "Are you pregnant again?????"

Now, many women might have called down the wrath of God for that kind of insensitive comment, but Curry just laughed it off (proving she is far more patient than me). She responded to her fan on Instagram by saying, "absolutely not LOL. My 30 lb son is just breaking my back in every photo."

Sadly, this is when people decided to comment on the size of her son instead. One Instagram user wrote, "he's the size of a 3 year old!" while another piped in with, "If that kid is 30lbs he's got some serious health issues going on," if you can believe it.

Finally, one incredibly rude social media user decided to give some advice. As People reported, one Instagram user wrote in a now-delated comment, "Maybe portion control his food a bit."

And this is when Curry stepped in with her own comment: "Excuse you? No. Just no."

I'm not sure what this Instagram user hoped would happen with such a thoughtless comment. Especially considering how open Curry has been about her own body confidence in the past... she has never had any time for body-shamers. For example, on May 8, according to San Francisco Gate, she shared a picture of herself throwing out a pair of Spanx and explained in the caption:

This is me throwing a pair of spanx in a Marie Kondo-Esque bin. “Does it spark joy?” I have never been one to cage my feelings and emotions to any capacity. I am human.

Body-shaming an adult is bad enough, but a baby? Come on now, this really can never, ever be a thing.