Netflix Follows The "Life-Changing Adventures" Of 15 Babies' First Full Year Of Life

As busy parents simply trying to keep our little ones safe and alive, it can often feel difficult to step back and really consider just how amazing babies are. How much they grow, learn, and evolve in that first year, which is why the new Netflix series Babies will surely be an amazing documentary to watch. The upcoming series follows 15 babies in their first year of life and offers a little perspective on the nature of humanity through the eyes of our youngest members.

Babies was filmed over the course of three years, according to Netflix, following the lives and "life-changing adventures" of 15 international babies and their families from their first breath to their first birthday. The docuseries does more than simply follow babies around to watch them grow; it actually uses science to delve more deeply into a baby's development as they go from being a newborn to a baby who is sitting up then crawling and walking and even saying their first words.

"In the first year of life, babies are growing faster than they ever will," one narrator says in a trailer for the series released this week. "They can wake up in a different body than they went to sleep in."

Executive producer Jane Root explained to E! News that the series was focused on every aspect of a baby's development, such as witnessing their birth, seeing them crawl for the first time, and finally taking their first steps or saying their first word. "This series showcases incredible, groundbreaking science revealing the developmental leaps and bounds babies go through in the first year of life while capturing the personal and emotional journey of the family as a whole," Root told E! News.

Babies premieres on Netflix on Feb. 21, and just watching the trailer alone gives a sense of the emotional journey of a baby's first year in the world. It isn't just the parents who are clearly emotional as they watch their babies grow, but also the filmmakers. In one case, a baby boy takes his first steps directly into the camera and it's clear everyone is thrilled. As one filmmaker says in the trailer, "Isn't it amazing that the answer to what it is to be human lies in the smallest, youngest creatures?" Our babies."