Transparent face mask for children and adults help people who are deaf and hard of hearing understan...
Baby Jack

This Clear Mask Helps People Who Are Hard Of Hearing Understand You More Easily

While studies show that masks help flatten the Covid-19 curve, for the deaf community and young children just beginning their cognitive development, masks can pose challenges. Individuals who rely on lip-reading are at a significant disadvantage when communicating with mask-wearers, which is why Baby Jack & Co. — an educational sensory toy and blanket company — has launched Smile Window Learning Lovey Masks for kids and adults.

With 48 million Americans deaf or hard of hearing, according to NBC News, the need for a mask alternative is clearly necessary, especially for children still learning how to communicate. That’s where Baby Jack & Co. has stepped in. Designed with a plastic window for easy lip reading, the company’s masks allow people to see one another’s mouths while showing off their own smiles. Each is made from 2-ply, micro-poly fabric, and for kids they come in colorful patterns like farm animals and rainbows. Plus, the “smile window” is just as breathable, crafted from an acrylic poly film.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention encourages all mask wearers to wash their masks after every use, so naturally Baby Jack & Co.’s Smile Window line is fully washable.

But beyond simply helping the lip-reading community better communicate, the part of this mask launch we’re really jazzed about is that the company is donating 20% of all sales to Starlight Children's Foundation. This nonprofit supports hospitalized children and their families with hospital wear, games, and deliveries.

For now, Baby Jack & Co. is limiting orders to two per customer and they ship Aug. 26. Before then, customers can pre-order children's masks for $9.95 and adult masks for $12.95.