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Baby Photos Of Ryan Reynolds Show The Close Bond He Has With His Brothers

It's clear Ryan Reynolds is one hilarious dad-of-two (with on the way) as he often tweets viral one-liners about parenting. But not much is known about Reynolds' background before he became famous, including his childhood. And if you're curious about what the actor was like as a kid, these baby photos of Ryan Reynolds shed some light into his personal life. As it turns out, Reynolds enjoyed a close bond with his brothers growing up.

Reynolds and Blake Lively are the parents to two adorable little kids. Their oldest daughter, James, was born in December 2014, according to POPSUGAR. Two years later, they welcomed their daughter, Inez, in September 2016. As for baby #3? It's a little unclear when Lively will give birth to their third child, as she could give birth in either September or October. But one thing is certain — their child will probably be pretty cute. I mean, did you happen to catch the adorable photo-op of the fam in December 2016? Talk about a gorgeous family.

Although Reynolds doesn't share many photos of his own kids (they deserve privacy, of course), he frequently shares pics from his childhood. And these photos reveal he's incredibly tight with his brothers, Terry, Jeff, and Patrick.

Take Reynolds' birthday message to Jeff, for instance, in which he shared a photo of the two at the beach. "Happy Birthday to my big brother, Jeff," he said. "Seems like just yesterday you were changing my diapers, even though it was well over a week ago." Ha!

Or what about that time Reynolds shared this throwback photo of himself with Jeff? I can't help but love their personalized t-shirts, by the way.

"I may have three older brothers, but only one Jeff," he captioned the precious shot. "You were the first friend I ever had. If there was ever a fire and I had to choose a family member to save, obviously it’d be me. But if I had time to save one more... and I knew it was safe to re-enter the burning building, you can be damn sure I’d call the fire department."

Reynolds has spoken out about the close relationship he shares with his brothers before, recounting one time when they stood up for him after he got an earring without permission. Instead of letting Reynolds catch the heat from his stern dad, his three older brothers got their ears pierced so he wouldn't be singled out.

"Dad’s eyes scanned the room like a flashlight thru fog. I anxiously waited for the beam to find me," he said, according to Just Jared. "When his eyes stopped scanning and rested in my direction, I held my breath and tensed my stomach. Before I could utter a single futile syllable he said… ‘P*****s.’

He continued, "My head snapped up immediately. I could see he wasn’t just looking at me. His confused eyes darted spastically between all four boys in shock, disbelief and directionless anger. What he was in fact looking at, were four young men, sitting at a dinner table, each, with a freshly pierced ear."

Based on these baby photos and Reynolds' anecdotes, it's clear he deeply values the relationship he has with his older brothers. And one can only assume his daughters with Lively will share the same bond.