Everything You Need To Throw The Baby Shark Birthday Party Of Your Kid's Dreams

As the Baby Shark craze is reaching its peak, it’s no surprise little tiny shark fans (and their parents) everywhere are wanting Baby Shark-themed birthday parties. I mean, who could blame them? With all of the Baby Shark merchandise available now, how can you not want to celebrate with the most popular shark family? Plus, having a bunch of Baby Shark birthday party ideas means you don't have to spend forever working on a theme or elaborate design. The song and subsequent Baby Shark entities are so popular, you hardly have to do any actual planning. (Bonus points if your kid's a summer birthday, too.)

There are just so many places to spot some adorable Baby Shark party ideas, from Pinterest to Etsy to Amazon. Like most kid favorites, there’s literally no shortage of Baby Shark novelty items to create the perfect themed birthday party. You’ll need to start with the essentials like invitations and decorations since those are the main focus and the first things people will see. But it’s the little details like the goody bags and food accessories that really tie it altogether and make the party revolve around one central theme. Here’s everything you need to throw the best Baby Shark birthday party ever.



First things first, right? The best part of planning any birthday is the decorations, so check out these shark balloons and banner from Amazon for just $14. It comes with 10 balloons in three different colors, one happy birthday banner, and two ribbons. These aren't Baby Shark-specific, but they're definitely on theme and work.


Extra Under-The-Sea Vibes

You could also add these sparkly ribbon curtains for some extra ocean flair. Make it a photo booth area, or just use them as shimmery decorations.


Cupcake Decorations

Every party needs some adorable cupcake toppers, and these feature every member from the Baby Shark family. For $10 you can get 24 pieces in six colors, one for each Baby Shark family member.


Toppers & Balloons

For even more decorations and dessert supplies, get this complete set of 20 Baby Shark cupcake toppers, one cake topper, and two foil balloons for $21



If you’re doing gift bags, you might want to consider these cute little colorful shark squirt toys for some post-party bath time — and for just $8, it’s totally worth it. These are sold in sets of 12 and come in six different colors.


Use Toys As Decoration

This Baby Shark plush can act as a gift as well as a table decoration that turns into a snuggly toy come nighttime. It’s available on Amazon for just $20.



Every birthday party needs invitations, right? Check out these adorable personalized Baby Shark birthday invitations. They’re just $15 and you can opt for a digital-only option for a paper-free invite, or print them out for your DIY option.


Birthday Outfit

Would you just look at this adorable personalized Baby Shark party outfit from Slick and Boogers on Etsy? It's so on theme, and just perfect for a Baby Shark birthday party. Imagine the pictures in front of those shimmery curtains.


The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

If you’re looking for something that takes care of everything with one purchase, check out this Baby Shark party kit from Pigsy Party Shack on Etsy, which includes files for invitations, food toppers, banners, labels — literally everything you’ll need for your little Baby Shark.