Baby Shark Now Has A Color Wonder Set & TBH, It's The Best Way To "Enjoy" The Song

Hey there, parent. Would you like to hear about this new Color Wonder Baby Shark Coloring Set from Crayola? What's that? You say you'd rather pour vials of fire ants into your own eardrums than discuss anything "Baby Shark"-related? Well, guess what mom, your kid still loves "Baby Shark." And as it is one of the unspoken rules of modern parenting that we must suffer through repeated viewings of viral YouTube videos that our children adore, I suggest you pull up a chair.

This Color Wonder set features 18 coloring pages featuring the smiling pastel shark family of the famed video hanging out, playing the flute, wearing party hats, you know... shark stuff. It also come with five of those cool Color Wonder Markers, where the ink only shows up on the actual Crayola paper, and not on your walls, couch, or child's forehead.

(Fun fact: Did you know that in some shark species, baby sharks have to "survive gestation without being eaten by developing siblings"? That's right. How Stuff Works noted that some baby sharks try to eat each other in the womb. How's that for sibling rivalry, eh?)

Now back to Color Wonder. Did I mention the set also comes in a little folder-style package? This makes it easy to transport, and good for a bit of quick toddler entertainment in a restaurant, on a long airplane ride, or in line at the Apple store when you're buying a new computer because you just rolled over your own laptop with the car after being forced to watch "Baby Shark" for the 600th time.

Also! Both the paper and markers are interchangeable with other Color Wonder sets, so you don't need to worry about the markers sparking a furious rage should your child attempt to use them on her Toy Story 4 set. They'll still totally work!

The Crayola site suggests that when using the Baby Shark set, parents "play the music while you color" for extra fun. Which you totally could. Or, to shake things up a bit, you could play this heavy metal version of "Baby Shark" by the band Slay Duggee. Which might also be extra fun. Or extra traumatizing. You decide.

I have to say, I do wonder a bit about the Shark family dynamics. As it's an intergenerational home, are things a little tense in their watery cove? Like do Grandma and Grandpa Shark criticize Mommy and Daddy Sharks' parenting? Or are Mommy and Daddy Shark just really happy to have free sitters for date night?

Anyway, the Color Wonder set retails for around $7.99, and can be found at the Crayola site, or at major retailers like Target and Walmart. (Walmart listed the price at $6.79.) I would like to point out that for just $3.51 more, you can also buy this one-piece shark bathing suit where it looks like your torso is being eaten by a shark. But I bet my kid would still dig it. And then ask me to play "Baby Shark" again. And again. While we color.