It's Time, Y'all: Baby Shark Fingerlings Are Officially Here

If you haven't been living under a rock, you are well aware by now that "Baby Shark" is arguably the most popular preschooler song on the planet. If you've been anxiously waiting for a toy to come along that pairs perfectly with your child's dancing and singing along to that oh-so-catchy tune, the time to celebrate has finally arrived. Baby Shark Fingerlings are finally here and you're going to want to dash on over to Walmart and grab one as soon as humanly possible.

Not only do the Baby Shark Fingerlings break into the "Baby Shark" song we all know and love, but it features Magic Motion Sense technology made to allow your child to interact with the toy. So, instead of you hopping up and down and twirling round and round to the sound of relentless "doo-doo-doo-doo-do-do" all day long, you can simply slide a Baby Shark Fingerling onto your lovely mama finger and let the toy do the work for you. This is next level parent-child play at its finest, my friends.

The Baby Shark Fingerling responds to motion, sound, and touch, so any time you or your child interact with the toy, you'll receive hearty shark replies in response. When you shake him, his tail will move side to side, and when you pet him, his eyes will blink. When you move the Baby Shark Fingerling in a wave-like motion, you'll hear him make splashing sounds as well as sing the full-length English version of "Baby Shark" by Pinkfong. Yes, it plays The. Whole. Song. Rejoice! No more handing your phone over to your toddler or hearing your little one bark at Alexa to "play 'Baby Shark'" over and over again.

Not only is the Baby Shark Fingerling an amazing new way to interact with the Baby Shark character and hear that snazzy tune without using up your cell phone data, it also helps your child learn about feelings. Baby Shark's fin lights up different colors based on how he's feeling, which can be a great conversation starter for you and your child about expressing emotions.

Another fun feature of the Baby Shark Fingerling is that it comes with a technology called Kiss Tech, which allows Baby Shark to know when your child is holding the toy to their cheek so that he can give them a kiss. (Or, let's be honest — maybe it's your cheek because you love it so dang much.) How adorable is that? Your child will finally know that Baby Shark loves them as much as they love hearing the song. And the longer you hold Baby Shark to your child's cheek, the longer Baby Shark's kiss will last. Now, this may sound a bit odd at first, but I assure you that the delight on your child's face when they receive a Baby Shark kiss will squash any squeamish thoughts you may have about shark kisses.

And if your child just can't get enough Baby Shark, more Baby Shark toys are hitting shelves that are sure to please the truly obsessed children in your life. Baby Shark Song Puppets are interactive and feature tempo control that makes the puppet sing the iconic song faster or slower depending on how quickly you move its mouth, and Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toys will help ensure your child doesn't have a spare moment without playing with these lovable sharks — even while bathing. Even if your home is already filled to the brim with Baby Shark essentials, you're going to want to jump on the chance to give your kid even more ways to play with Baby Shark.