Kids Love "Baby Shark" So Much That It's Climbing The Billboard Charts

What else can possibly be said about the juggernaut that is "Baby Shark?" I mean, every time I think it might be over, every time I think the song is going to go the way of Tickle-Me Elmo or Barney the Dinosaur or bell bottoms, it keeps on keeping on. It's the song that simply will not go away. And just in case you need further proof, it turns out "Baby Shark" is climbing the Billboard charts. Because there is no waking up from this nightmare, guys, so just get used to it.

The hit song and wildly popular accompanying YouTube video (complete with dance) by South Korean educational brand PinkFong seems to have gained a little more steam recently. Not that "Baby Shark" needed a second wind, obviously. The video has been watched more than 2.1 billion times in the past two years, and good luck finding a human soul with ears who can't immediately chime in if you hum a few bars of the song. Since the "Baby Shark" dance challenge took over the internet, there has been an almost constant deluge of "Baby Shark." There are "Baby Shark" toys that sold out so quickly before Christmas on Amazon that no parent seemed able to get a hold of them. I mean, even the Kardashian-Jenner sisters know about "Baby Shark." So I guess no one can escape the pull.

And now it looks like the song is about to take over the Billboard Top 100 charts as well.

As of Tuesday, "Baby Shark" debuted on Billboard's Top 100 at 32. I know what you're thinking; how has this song not been on Billboard's Top 100 already? Well, for one thing the song was initially released in 2016, which means it needed to rack up some chart points before cracking the seal. It earned chart points with a combination of streaming strength, sales growth, and radio play. Although in the case of "Baby Shark" let's face it; it was almost all streaming. And of course the fact that a total of 23 seasonal songs were dropped off the Top 100 didn't hurt any.

Not too bad for a song about a baby shark, a mommy shark, a daddy shark, and grandparent sharks who really don't do much of anything. Especially when you consider the people requesting the song are often so little they can't quite say it properly.

I guess I shouldn't be so hard on the "Baby Shark" song. It's not like it actually hurts anyone, right? It keeps the kids happy, and isn't that all that really matters in this world? To bring children a little joy with a simple song?

There's simply no point in fighting it, especially now that the song has gone all official and has landed on the Billboard Top 100. The best thing to do is try to remember that headphones are a thing for a reason. And that this, too shall pass someday. Just try to be strong and hold on, everyone.

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