Baby Yoda Ears For Your Next Disney Trip — This Is The Way

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Wearing Mickey ears is basically a rite of passage for all who enter the gates of any Disney park. If you don't do it at least once, are you really even at Disney? Star Wars fans love to sport their fandom anywhere, anytime, and these Baby Yoda Mickey ears are the perfect way to do just that on your next Disney trip.

Throughout my childhood, the only way to get a pair of Mickey ears was to go to a Disney park. You might have been able to snag a pair at a local Disney on Ice show if you were lucky, but the Mickey-shaped headbands were mainly a way to remember your family's expensive trip to the magical home of Mickey himself.

Now, you can order Mickey ears on Etsy in just about every possible Disney theme you can imagine — including the cutest little green guy this side of Tatooine, Baby Yoda. From 3D printed ears in the shape of The Child to glittery ears covered in sequins adorned with Baby Yoda-green bows, these Baby Yoda Mickey ears are perfect for fans of The Mandolorian. If you want to stand out from the crowd on your next trip to Disney, this is the way.


Elegant Ears

These double-sided Baby Yoda Mickey ears feature The Child in four various poses — two on the front and two on the back of the ears — as well as shimmery gold accents for an elegant look. The bow is available in a Yoda-colored green or a sequined gold material, so you can choose which color best suits you.


Sequined Ears

Who doesn't want to be as sparkly as possible on a Disney trip? With these Baby Yoda Mickey ears by Etsy designer Mackie & Nattie, you can stand out from the crowd sporting Baby Yoda, black sequined ears, and either a shiny gold or black bow.


3D Printed Ears

Ultimate Mando fans will definitely want to snag a pair of these Baby Yoda Mickey ears featuring 3D printed versions of The Child and The Mandalorian himself with a fluffy green bow right in the center.


"This Is The Way" Ears

The Child is prominently displayed on this pair of Baby Yoda Mickey ears, which are made from glitter craft vinyl. The oft-repeated phrase from The Mandaloarian, "This is the way," is emblazoned onto one ear in the iconic Star Wars font and a replica of a Mandalorian's helmet is on the other.


Faux Stained Glass Ears

I cannot get over how unique these Baby Yoda Mickey ears are. Created using a 3D print technique that makes them look as if they're made from stained glass, these ears are actually interchangeable with the other designs in the Happiest Place On Ears Etsy shop.


Light-Up Floral Ears

These Baby Yoda Mickey ears are almost too pretty to wear. The delicate lights around the edge of the open ears with neutral-colored floral accents and a burlap bow create a decidedly feminine way to show off your love for The Child.


Beaded Ears

The fabric on these Baby Yoda Mickey Ears features The Child in his flying car seat pod on a black background with a green bow in the center. The black beading adds a pretty detail to this pair of ears.


Rose Gold Ears

You can be trendy and show your love for The Mandalorian at the same time with this pair of Baby Yoda Mickey ears featuring a sequined rose gold bow. The ears themselves are covered in fabric printed with hand-drawn versions of The Child in his flying pod.


Velvet Ears

This elegant pair of Baby Yoda Mickey ears is covered in lush green velvet fabric. Plus they're made from biodegradable material, so they're cute and environmentally friendly.


Felt Tsum Tsum Ears

Although the price tag on this pair of Baby Yoda Mickey ears is more than double the price of others featured on Etsy, they look like they would be worth it for mega fans. Two handmade versions of The Child with bug eyes in the style of the popular stuffed Tsum Tsum characters serve as the ears and crossed lightsabers in the middle adorn the bow.

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