BabyBjörn's New Midnight Floral Line Makes Me Want To Relive The '90s With My Baby

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I am all the way here for fashionable baby accessories. Pretty and functional? Sign me up, please. BabyBjorn's new Midnight Florals Collection fits the fashionable bill with a haute-couture-inspired look that is so gorgeous that I would wear an entire wardrobe made solely out of the dark floral pattern if I could.

This is not your grandmother's floral, folks. The large watercolor petals on a dark navy background give off total '90s vibes that makes me want to don a flannel and sing Alanis Morissette songs instead of lullabies. (Solidarity to those of you who already sing your babies to sleep with '90s alternative hits — you are my people.) The pattern is pretty and dark all at the same time and thanks to BabyBjörn, you can now own baby gear inspired by the magic of flowers just in time for the spring season.

This limited edition collection boasts three types of baby essentials including two carriers and one bouncer. Unfortunately, the pattern is so popular that one carrier style — the Baby Carrier Mini — is already out of stock. So, if you're looking to invest in this particular small, lightweight carrier for your newborn, you'll have to stick with a more traditional color choice like dark grey or black, retailing for $100.

If your baby happens to be a bit older, you're tired of wearing a khaki-colored baby carrier, and want to spice up your life with some floral goodness, BabyBjörn has you covered. The Baby Carrier One Air is an ergonomic baby carrier featuring soft mesh that is ideal for babies over 8 pounds, but can grow with your child through toddlerhood. It is currently available in the limited edition Midnight Florals pattern for $220. Because this particular carrier is built to be comfortable for carrying kids up to 33 pounds, when your threenager starts demanding that all of her accessories be covered in flowers, you will already be ahead of the game.

Although baby carriers provide unparalleled convenience for parents of babies who can't help but cry each and every time they're put down (been there, done that), having a good bouncer around is crucial for times when your shoulders and back are screaming for a baby-carrying break. BabyBjörn's Bouncer Bliss in Midnight Florals is an ergonomic baby bouncer that provides plenty of support for your babe whenever you need a safe place to let them hang out while you eat, work, clean, or — let's be real here — just need some actual space for five minutes.

For parents who prefer low-tech baby furniture, the Bouncer Bliss is free of batteries or power cords, but bounces softly when your baby moves their arms or legs. The cover of this bouncer is made from a breathable, quick dry mesh that can be removed and machine washed for the inevitable dribble of spit-up or milk spill.

This particular bouncer converts into a comfortable chair for your child whenever they are able to sit on their own. Because it grows with your child and they'll likely use it often, you probably want to invest in something that isn't a complete eyesore in the middle of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. You can snag the Bouncer Bliss in the limited-edition Midnight Florals pattern for $250 and thank your lucky stars that you won't have to stare at a garish eyesore of a bouncer or toddler chair in hot pink and purple.

The BabyBjörn Midnight Florals collection looks to be a fashionable choice for parents who want practical baby gear without the loud and obnoxious baby themes. Gone are the days of baby gear covered in candy-colored pastels and cartoon characters — hello moody and luxe. (And good for hiding milk dribble.)

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