I Am Here For All The #BabysFirstPandemic Photos

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Sometimes a little humor can make a difficult situation seem less frustrating, and a cute baby can definitely do the same. When you combine the two (and some savvy internet parents), you get baby's first pandemic photos. A social media trend guaranteed to put a smile on your face — even though you still can't leave the house.

While staying inside to quell the spread of coronavirus, some creative parents on social media decided to have a little fun with their babies' monthly photoshoots. The results are a bevy of precious and hilarious reminders to stay inside, wash your hands, and keep your distance from others.

Typical monthly baby photos usually include props like a stuffed animal, maybe a family pet, and a list of baby's new milestones. But a monthly baby photo during the coronavirus pandemic? Well, that calls for the inclusion of anything and everything people are now searching four and five stores to find — toilet paper, Lysol wipes, and hand sanitizer to name a few, along with a reminder that this is Baby's First Pandemic.

Captioned with hashtags like #babysfirstpandemic and #quarantinebaby, these impromptu photoshoots take creative baby photos to a whole new level. I cannot think of a better way to insist that people practice social distancing than to post one of these, and they're a reminder that one day (hopefully soon), we'll be able to look back at these photos for a #throwbackthursday.


All Smiles

This lovely little gem looks like being homebound isn't stealing one bit of her joy. She seems more than happy to be surrounded by plenty of baby-specific quarantine supplies like formula, diapers, and wipes.


Well-Prepared & Precious

Surrounded by anything and everything needed for a baby to survive being cooped up with the family for two solid weeks, this little one seems ready to take on whatever the coronavirus pandemic throws their way.


Wash Your Hands

I cannot get over the caption on this little one's letter board: "Wash your damn hands" is the perfect sentiment for these crazy times. Plus, it looks like this baby's parents won't have to fight anyone in the diaper aisle over the last box on the shelf. Cloth diapers for the win!


My First Pandemic

I am downright envious of this little lady's hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipe, and cleaning spray stash. But, I am also glad that her home will stay nice and germ-free during her first pandemic.


Toilet Paper For Days

This sweet baby looks ready to take a strong stand if anyone gets between her and her toilet paper stash. Isn't that pretty much all of us right now, though?


Surrounded By Supplies

Wipes? Check. Soap? Check. Formula? Disinfecting spray? Check and check. Adorable baby? Absolutely. This photo has everything needed to create the perfect pandemic photoshoot.


All Dressed Up

This baby may not have anywhere to go, but she is most definitely rocking her "little black dress" during her baby's first pandemic photo shoot. Her headband and ruffles really help make the toilet paper just a little more glamorous.


Rad Like Dad

This baby is celebrating their one month birthday comfortably surrounded by plenty of pandemic supplies to get through whatever the future holds with the current lockdown situation.


Corona Time

I'm not sure that at any other point in time a beer in a baby photo would make much sense, but it works right now. This little one's parents have a pretty impressive sense of humor, which sure seems to come in handy while everyone is cooped up together at home right now.


Save The Baby Wipes

That letter board says it all. "Yeah, Karen. Baby wipes are for babies."


Stocked Up

This baby is proudly showing off their stash of water, toilet paper, and diapers with a huge, happy grin in their baby's first pandemic photo.


What In The World?

The jaw-dropping expression on this baby during their pandemic photoshoot is pretty much all of us when we realize our toilet paper stash is dwindling.


Got Gloves?

This baby's first pandemic photoshoot includes a couple of items even harder to come by than toilet paper — gloves and a mask.


Masked Up & Ready

The baby in this pandemic photoshoot looks ready to step in at a moment's notice if her pediatrician needs a hand. She's got her mask on and she's ready to sanitize.


Toilet Paper At The Ready

While this baby is stuck at home practicing her social distancing skills, she's got exactly what she needs on hand to make sure everything is clean — and I mean everything. That toilet paper isn't going to use itself, folks.


Cutest Germ Around

This baby's parents captioned his pandemic baby photoshoot with "Cutest germ around," which seems absolutely fitting given the current set of circumstances. At least this baby has plenty of sanitizing wipes to get rid of any actual germs.

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