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'Bachelor In Paradise' Alums Carly & Evan Are Married

Bachelor in Paradise has been given a lot of press lately, but now it's for something truly wonderful — Paradise alums Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are married, according to People, and their wedding not only sounds beautiful, it's some happy news after production of the current season of Bachelor in Paradise was suspended amidst sexual assault allegations.

Waddell and Bass met on season three of the hit ABC show, which ended with Bass proposing during the season finale. According to People, the two seemed to be an unlikely couple, but love found them after all. After a rocky start where nobody was sure what was going to happen, Bass proposed during the season three finale and fans have been anxiously awaiting news of the nuptials.

US Weekly reported that their wedding was supposed to air during the new season of Bachelor in Paradise, but as production has halted, that plan has changed. Now, the ceremony has plans to air on ABC later this fall.

According to US Weekly, the wedding took place on the beach in Mexico and People reported that Chris Harrison, host of the Bachelor series, was the officiant. Bachelor alums Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert were also in attendance.

The scandal surrounding Bachelor in Paradise has been disturbing, but hearing the happy news that Waddell and Bass are officially official is a breath of fresh air. The two have made a home together in Nashville with Bass' three sons, and have seemed to carve out a lifetime of happiness and love thanks to a reality show.

According to E! News, the wedding was filmed, even if it won't make it on to this season's Bachelor in Paradise. E! News also reported that the two lovebirds exchanged rings that, together, cost around $50,000. The jewelry was designed by Neil Lane, who has designed previous wedding jewelry for couples from the Bachelor family.

Reality television gets a lot of flack, especially when focusing on the Bachelor in Paradise series, but it seems something good has come out of the ABC show — a new family. Congratulations to Carly and Evan — may you never have to pass out another rose again. Unless, you know, you're splitting a bouquet between the two of you.