new barbie with baby hairs

Barbie Now Has Baby Hairs In A Lilac-Dream Makeover

Barbie wasn't always considered to be the most inclusive of dolls. The iconic plaything was representative of exactly one body type, one hair type, and one skin tone decades. No longer. Not only has Barbie become more diverse in recent years, but she's a lot more on-trend, too. In fact, Barbie now has baby hairs like she's the coolest doll who ever existed. (Perhaps because she is the coolest doll who ever existed.)

On June 25, a new Barbie collection was introduced as part of the BMR1959 collection. Meant to celebrate "Barbie's fashion heritage with a second collection inspired by today's hottest streetwear," according to the company website, this collection features several different looks to choose from, including a Barbie wearing platform combat boots and rope-twist pigtails under a bucket hat, a doll wearing wide-legged bright yellow tape track pants, and a Barbie wearing a faux fur coat over a crop top and bike shorts.

But perhaps the best of all the new Barbie looks is this one: A doll with "lilac hair is styled in bantu knots accented with baby hairs, and her nails are painted to match. Chunky yellow 'dad sneakers' and logo door knocker earrings." Yes, you're going to want to those earrings for yourself.

Barbie fans are loving the new look, with many taking to social media to share their admiration. One person wrote on Twitter, "Who taught hair dresser barbie about them baby hairs and edge control? Now I have to get it," while another noted that it wasn't just the baby hairs that made this Barbie iconic, it was also the fact that she was a Black doll, "a black Barbie with baby hairs?! here for it."

Lavender and pink and perfectly swirled, those baby hairs are definitely a thing of beauty. And of course Barbie's perfect makeup just got cooler, too: Silver eyeliner and sparkly pink lip gloss.

You can pre-order any of the 10 new versions of Barbie and Ken — like this one with a mint green buzzcut — from the BMR1959 collection on barbie.mattel.com for $30 each.

In the more than 60 years since Barbie was first introduced, this doll has definitely come a long way.