Bekah Martinez Shared Empowering Message In This Postpartum "Diaper" Selfie

It's pretty amazing to really take time to consider the difference a year can make in a person's life. Take Bekah Martinez, for instance. It's been just over a year since she finished up Season 22 of The Bachelor, where she was a fan favorite but bachelor extraordinaire Arie Luyendyk Jr. had his doubts about whether or not she was ready to have a family. One year later, she has a family. And she's definitely mature enough to take on some of the more sobering side effects of motherhood. In fact, Bekah Martinez's postpartum selfie in mesh underwear is proof that she's not going to shy away from the reality of parenting. Even when it's not so pretty.

Martinez and her boyfriend, rock climber Grayston Leonard, welcomed a little girl on Feb. 2, according to USA Today. While the new parents haven't shared the little girl's name just yet, university student Martinez has been sharing sweet little updates about her journey as a mom.

Some of the sweet stuff, like pictures of her baby girl sleeping and who doesn't love those? But also some of the realities of giving birth. Like, for instance, the fact that you are wearing what Martinez called a "diaper" for awhile.

On Wednesday Martinez shared a shot of herself wearing mesh underwear, and the message behind the medium is actually quite empowering.

For those of you who have yet to experience postpartum mesh underwear, they are essentially breathable granny panties that hold all the mess, plus they're disposable. No, they're not sexy or anything. But they really do the trick when you've just had a baby and your body is trying to readjust to having only you to think about.

The truth is, our bodies go through a lot when we have babies, and Bekah Martinez essentially used her mesh underwear selfie as an ode to the power of the female body, writing: "So amazing what we can do. I've never felt so much love and respect for my body, diaper and all. #ThisIsPostpartum."

Of course, it helps having a sweet little baby like this tiny girl around to wrap your head around your changing body.

It's sort of ironic to think of Bekah Martinez during her time on The Bachelor; apparently so sweet and young that Arie Luyendyk Jr. simply couldn't imagine her being mature enough to have a family. Unlike him, a mature man of 36 (who would go on to propose to two different women by the end of the season, as TODAY reported).

Now Martinez is a mom in a serious relationship. And perhaps even more importantly, she's a mom who is grounded. Who understands and appreciates all that her body had to do to bring new life into this world. She doesn't shy away from that reality... in fact, she publicly embraces it.

Bekah Martinez might be young, but that doesn't really mean anything. She's old enough to know herself, and to face challenges head on. What a difference a year makes.