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Bekah Just Revealed Her Age To Arie On 'The Bachelor' & Twitter Had Some Thoughts

Well, the moment that's been building up since before the season began is here: Bekah's age is "revealed" on The Bachelor. When bios were revealed, fans stirred up a frenzy about it. Bekah revealed her age to Arie on The Bachelor and let's just say that Twitter had some major thoughts. As did Arie himself.

It seems that every outlet covered her age, so it was a Big Deal. Seeing as this was discussed online since before the premiere, I knew that Bachelor Nation would have some thoughts when it finally came out. During a one-on-one date in Lake Tahoe, Bekah and Arie spent some time in a hot tub and then went to dinner. They actually had more interesting conversation than any of the other solo dates thus far (in my opinion), but then... it dropped.

Arie clearly knew that Bekah was younger than him, but he wasn't aware of the 14-year difference. During dinner, he was talking... kinda about how much of an old man he is, and was wondering if he and Bekah would be compatible in a post-Bachelor world. He said that he likes coming up with the sun but didn't know if Bekah still loved going out — when Bekah gets up early on weekends to go climbing with her friends. Finally, she just came out and asked: "Do you know how old I am?"

Clearly, he didn't. When Bekah said she was 22, Arie literally covered his mouth with his hand (drama). He kept repeating that she's "so young," and that his biggest concern is if she's ready for all of this. Fans on Twitter took the time to voice their thoughts — and oh, there were many:

Some fans believe that Bekah is too young for Arie, and too young for marriage in general. Others think that she's more mature than the older contestants — and pointed out that all the contestants this season are younger than Arie, Bekah is just the youngest. After a tension-filled back and forth between Bekah and Arie during their date, Arie cautiously gave her a rose because he's so into her. He believes this could be "the start of something amazing" (even though, come on, he says that about everyone), he's going to "proceed with caution." He doesn't want to be in a situation that "might cause heartache in the future," but for now, Bekah stays.

In an interview with InStyle, Arie assured fans that age isn't a determining factor for him. "Age has never been a factor for me in relationships," he said. "Some women are very mature in their early twenties, just like some are not mature at all in their mid-thirties." That's for sure. For example, Krystal's one of the oldest contestants at this point at 29, and she's one of the most immature. Arie told InStyle, "It’s more about: Is this person ready for that next step in their lives? And are they ready to settle down and get married?"

Bekah herself seemed to tire of the age conversation, and took to Twitter to speak her piece:

OK, it's definitely tongue-in-cheek, but the sentiment is clear: Bekah knows what being an adult means, and can handle her own. I'm going to be honest, I'm a little bummed Bekah does have such good chemistry with Arie... because I want a whole season of The Bachelorette dedicated to her.

For now, though, she's still in the running for Arie's heart, and judging from their one-on-one date she's one of his favorites at this point. Whether she gets that Neil Lane ring is still uncertain, but I think she has a good a shot as any of the older (yet less mature) contestants.

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