Ben Carson Defends West Point Story But Otherwise Loses It At Press Conference

At a press conference in Florida tonight, Ben Carson defended his West Point story but started to lose his cool. To be fair, the Republican candidate had a rough day. It started early this morning when stories of Carson’s violent past couldn’t be confirmed. Despite the fact that he might have lied about being a rough around the edges, that he didn’t attack anyone with a baseball bat when he was younger should have been a good thing. But then, Politico ran a piece alleging that Carson also lied about a scholarship to West Point. Ouch. 

Tonight it looked like the stress is starting to get to him. He’s been defending his story all day, later talking to the New York Times to clear things up. Carson just can’t remember the West Point details. And who can remember anything from high school, anyway? 

I don’t remember all the specific details. Because I had done so extraordinarily well you know I was told that someone like me – they could get a scholarship to West Point. But I made it clear I was going to pursue a career in medicine.

Fair enough. But it looks like it’s Ben Carson's nap time. Doctors orders. Tonight he became super defensive, attacked President Obama, and it was overall pretty cringeworthy. Twitter wasn't kind and even his supporters were a little wary of how he handled questions. 

No matter what you think of the candidate, you almost have to feel for the guy. After a day of being hounded be the press, it would be hard not to seem a little loony. Politics can't be for everyone. 

Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images