Ben Gave Olivia The Group Date Rose On 'The Bachelor,' & No One Saw That Coming

Right after dumping Jubilee and sending her home before the rose ceremony even began, Ben returned to his group date to hand out a rose. Surprisingly, Ben gave Olivia the group date rose in spite of her rocky performance on The Bachelor in the past couple of weeks. Since frustration with Olivia had been growing among the other contestants and in light of Olivia's mini-meltdown last week, to say that the other contestants were shocked was an understatement.

"It's more than shock for me. It's like a little bit of anger, too," Emily said. And it's easy to understand why Emily and others feel this way. Throughout Season 20, Olivia has repeatedly cornered Ben at cocktail parties and on group dates, effectively turning each group gathering into a one-on-one date, even when other women haven't had any time at all with Ben. Not only that, she usually steals this time by interrupting other women's conversations with Ben. And she tends to flaunt it, too. A few weeks back she took Ben up to a hotel balcony and then waved to the other women below, as though showing off her trophy. And when she doesn't feel like things are going well with Ben, she becomes obsessive, as we saw last week in the wake of her "strip tease" performance. So you can't really blame the other women for their complete astonishment at Ben's decision to give Olivia the group date rose in Mexico City.

Turns out, Twitter pretty much agreed with them:

That said, some viewers were psyched because, well, you're never bored when Olivia is around:

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