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From Talking Toys To High-Tech Feeders, Prime Day's Pet Supply Deals Are Huge

Amazon’s Prime Day definitely makes it feel like Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa has come early. But nope, it’s July, so you know, it hasn’t. Still, it’s exciting to shop all the sales and see what fabulous finds Amazon has to offer, because there are definitely some deals to be had. As you click and add items to your cart for both you and your family, it’s important to keep your four-legged friends in mind and be sure to shop Prime Day deals for your pet.

While you might not find crazy savings of $100 off like you would on Prime deals on big-ticket items such as televisions, there are still some substantial savings to be had. You might find sales on things that you use everyday (like pet food), or splurge items (pet water fountain, anyone?), or seasonal ones that might be just for the summer (i.e., an airline travel bag). So if your pet’s dog bed is looking a little ragged, or you’ve been meaning to replace that kitty litter box for the longest, now would be the time. And while it isn’t always sexy to save on catnip, having all that extra dough in your pocket to purchase items for yourself certainly is. So be a good pet parent and peruse the Prime Day deals for your dog or cat. They’ll love you (even more) for it.