Best New Snapchat Stickers That You Can Use To Effectively Communicate Your Feelings


I'll confess it. I'd never used Snapchat until today, partially because I sometimes have grand (pretentious?) visions of chucking all technology and living in the woods, and would like to make that transition as easy as possible. Also, because I'm running out of storage space on my phone but refuse to delete old texts. (You never know when you might want to reread that exchange with the guy whom you went on one OkCupid date two years ago!) Still, I thought I'd check the app out after hearing about their major update, which includes video call upgrades, new ways to leave your friends messages, and, most importantly, 200 NEW STICKERS. We all know language can be hard sometimes. So let us figure out the best new Snapchat stickers that you can use to effectively communicate your feelings, for when words difficult too much blargh!

The most important thing to know is that these stickers are freaking adorable. You can choose from a whole bunch of walruses, llamas, dogs, and creatures I can't quite identify but which I love anyway. Whether you need to hit on someone, give a little comfort, or tell your best friend that you like food better than you like her, Snapchat has got you covered. (Although you should probably have that best friend conversation in person, and also maybe realize that food is not a true substitute for interpersonal relationships.)

Here are a few crowd favorites so far, and suggestions on when to use them:

For When You're Too Hangry To Function


I'd say the flaming eyes/wide open mouth/general monstrousness pretty accurately captures how I feel when I've gone too long without eating.

For When You're Killing It


Forget that "women need to be modest about their achievements" BS. Sometimes we get to brag a little. And sometimes sparkly gold crowns are the best ways to do so.

For When Your Heart Is Broken


Oh my word. This brokenhearted lump is the saddest little sticker I've seen. This is a pretty good way to communicate to your friends that they need to join you at your apartment for some ice cream inhaling, stat.

For When Your Heart Is Still Broken & You've Already Used That Other One Too Many Times


Snapchat has given you options.

For When You're Falling In Love


I love love! So do these dancing dogs!

For When You're Feeling Grateful For Your Friends


Love's great, yes, but Snapchat doesn't want you to forget just how important it is to have an awesome group of friends, with whom you can wear matching sunglasses and do other wonderful stuff.

For When You've Got To Get Away


Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and all you want to do is pack a rucksack and run to a simpler way of living. I feel a strange connection to this determined little animal. Take me with you, creature.

For When You've Just Eaten The Best Meal Of Your Life


Again, food is great, but it's important to open yourself up to relationships with real people too.

For When You're Feeling Sexy, Maybe?


I know when I feel sexy, I always see myself as a sheep with lipstick, posing amidst rose petals. Okay, maybe this one's a little strange.

Whichever one you choose, make sure you choose wisely. There are dozens and dozens of amazing selections, and you wouldn't want to be the one person who used a sad pineapple sticker when you could have used a basic avocado now, would you?