Best Unicorn Halloween 2018 Costumes For The Whole Family, Including The Dog


If you've ever popped your head inside a Justice or Claire's store, or pretty much any store, for that matter, you know what's hot in girl fashion these days: hashtag slogans, reversible sequins, and unicorns, unicorns, unicorns. White, pink, purple, with or without rainbows, the mythical creatures are everywhere. So with Halloween approaching, you might even be considering picking a unicorn costume for your child, or maybe even another member of the family.

It probably isn't surprising that unicorns are back on our radar. As The Guardian pointed out, unicorns are nothing new; they've been a part of human mythology for 3,000 years. Their rep for healing powers and their fascinating mysterious nature are part of their charm, explained the website Unicorns Rule. The site also suggested that the revival of the My Little Pony series in 2000 may have helped bring unicorns back into vogue, and may even have sparked the association with rainbows because of the designs on the show's unicorn characters. Some adults may have developed a fondness for the one-horned beasts because of memes connecting them to the gay rights movement and to general activism, said the site.

Since unicorns are so trendy now, it's easy to find costumes and accessories for kids who want to experience some of that magic at Halloween. Better yet, why not get the whole family into the act by going en masse as a unicorn clan? You'll wow the neighborhood and make memories at the same time. Plus, there are plenty of options for everyone, from full-scale unicorn outfits to simpler accessories and hoodies for family members who want to keep it simple. Take a look at some of the possibilities for a family unicorn Halloween.

For Your Littlest Unicorn

Infant Unicorn Costume

Halloween Express

This cuddly one-piece is enough to make fans of even the most hardened anti-unicorn folks. I mean, that *horn*. And the skid-resistant feet are even shaped like hooves. They thought of everything.

For The Parents Who Want To Be Comfy

Men's Unicorn Costume

Halloween Express

If you're doing a full family unicorn theme, then everyone has to get into the act. For good-sport guys, there's this head-to-toe purple ensemble, which is stretchy and flexible enough to allow the wearer to move comfortably around the neighborhood or at your Halloween party. Get someone else to hold the candy bag, though; it might be hard to hang onto anything with those hooves.

For The Mom Who Wants To Go All Out

Womens Moonlight Unicorn Costume

Party City

If your style is more sassy than sugary, then you can dress up as a more grown-up mythological creature. This ensemble includes the purple-and-black dress, wings, and horn headband; to complete the look, add fishnet stockings and a colored wig, as shown here.

For The Kid Who Doesn't Do Rainbows

Onesie Kids Unicorn Costume


Your kid might be into unicorns but prefer a less-glittery option. Not only is this onesie free from rainbow embellishments, it also doubles as pajamas, making it super-easy to transition from trick-or-treating to bed.

For The Kid Who's *Totally* Into Unicorns

Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Party City

For the child who fully embraces the entire rainbow-unicorn vibe, this costume couldn't be more perfect. It even comes with multicolored leg and arm warmers (all the better for a chilly Halloween night). Get ready for the ear-piercing shriek of joy when you bring this costume home.

For A Tween With Attitude

Persun Unicorn Pullover Hoodie


Got an older tween who's beyond the whole dressing-up thing? They'll appreciate the minimalist tone of this hoodie, which will allow them to join the family without too much humiliation.

For Grandma

Pastel Unicorn Halloween Costume Accessory Wig


Your mom or MIL may want to get into the act with the rest of the family, but she may not feel like going the whole tutu route, especially if you live in an area that gets chilly in late October. Donning a headband with a horn, ears, and perhaps a colorful wig attached will convey the theme quite nicely.

For Grandpa

Glitter Breakfast Unicorn Hoodie


Is Pop-Pop coming along for the fun? Much as he loves the grandkids, he might draw the line at dressing up like a horned horse. In that case, this hoodie from Walmart is the perfect compromise: warm, theme-appropriate, and just snarky enough.

For The Uncle With The Great Sense Of Humor

Adult Inflatable Giant Unicorn Costume

Party City

There's one in every family: the goofball who doesn't mind looking silly if it means brightening someone's day. If you have a relative like this in your trick-or-treating group, let them be the life of the party by wearing an inflatable unicorn costume. If you can't be wacky on Halloween, when can you?

For The Dog

Unicorn Dog Costume

Party City

Why not get your pet into the act while you're at it? Hey, it already has four feet and a furry coat, right? There are any number of dog unicorn slip-on vests out there, including this comfortable one from Party City.

For The Cat

Unicorn Costume For Pets Unicorn Cat


No reason to leave your kitty out of the celebration when you have a hoodie like this to show off (provided your pet is mellow enough to endure the indignity of a hat). At least you'll get in a few family photos before your fluffy companion starts to paw the hood off.

For The Pet That Hates Costumes

Unicorn costume

Pet Krewe

Getting a pet in costume can be... trying. If your dog or cat is not be cool with getting squeezed into a full-on bodysuit, hopefully they'll at least tolerate this fun headpiece.