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Beyonce Sang "Uptown Funk" At The Super Bowl, & Other Ways She Saved Halftime

If by chance you were not watching the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show Sunday night, allow me to fill you in. Coldplay was headlining, featuring Bruno Mars and Beyoncé, but you do not just feature Bruno Mars and you surely do not just feature Beyoncé. The performance started with some singing and dancing from Coldplay's Chris Martin. Then Bruno Mars breathed some life into the show with his dance moves and general adorableness. And then. Then. It was time. The Queen entered in a military-inspired ensemble with an army of backup dancers and began a performance of her new single "Formation." With that alone, Beyoncé saved the Super Bowl halftime show, but there was more.

Bey next took the stage and proceeded to have a dance-off with Mars, and she sang "Uptown Funk," which lots of folks on Twitter agreed was the best thing ever to happen to the song. And those are just a few of the ways in which Beyoncé made what could have been a very lackluster show — to be fair, it's hard to pull off a great halftime show in daylight — not just watchable but THRILLING, friends. She brought action and drama and that voice and those dance moves, and it was further proof that Bey can do pretty much anything when she puts her mind to it. Here are just a few ways Beyoncé saved the Super Bowl 50 halftime show:

She Brought It Sartorially

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I'll just say it: Coldplay's costuming greatly resembled the what I used to buy at the Limited Too. But no worries, halftime viewers, Bey brought it with her signature tough-is-sexy look, rocking a leather bodysuit, combat boots, and a garter, all with gold accents that complimented her gold mane. BuzzFeed pointed out that it seemed to be a homage to Michael Jackson, while others noted that the garb was also a reference to the Black Panthers.

She Had A Dance-Off With Bruno Mars

Okay, this was 50 percent Mars, so I have to hand it to them both. This was #flawless.

She Reclaimed "Uptown Funk"

Following the show, the Internet expressed a lot of feelings about it, many of which were along the lines of "really over 'Uptown Funk,' but Bey made it good again." You're welcome, Mark Ronson.

She Had No Qualms About Making The Show Hers

Sometimes you just know it's your moment, no matter whose moment anyone says it is. On Saturday, Beyoncé dropped her phenomenal new single "Formation," complete with a video, performed it at the Super Bowl Sunday night, and then ran a spot directly after the halftime show announcing her "Formation" world tour. The song is about owning your success and everything you did to earn it, and Bey was not about to play shrinking violet Sunday night.

That Stare Tho

It was everything.