Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Margaret is a contributing editor at BDG, writing reported features and commentary that challenge traditional ideas about what it means to be a woman, a mother, and a family. She also covers eating disorders, diet culture, and body image.

She previously edited features and oversaw major editorial initiatives, partnerships, brand extensions, and all digital issues across Bustle, Romper, Elite Daily, NYLON, and The Zoe Report. She has served as the managing editor of both Bustle and Romper, which she launched in 2015. Before coming to BDG, she was the founding editor of Huffington Post Women. She also worked at during the Mommy Bloggers’ true heyday, and she was once a not very effective features assistant at Vogue.

She graduated from Princeton, got her masters degree in journalism through NYU's program in Cultural Reporting and Criticism, and has taught graduate students in the Publishing department of NYU's School for Professional Studies. Originally from New Orleans, she lives in Manhattan with her wife, four children, and a vizsla named Clay.

Margaret Wheeler Johnson

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