A romper is a few things: an all-in-one baby suit; an all-in-one suit for an adult woman; and, according to Dictionary.com, "a person who romps" (obviously). Now it's also a site for young women taking on the crazy adventure that is raising another human.

If you're a twenty- or early thirtysomething who has or is thinking about having a child, you know that parenting can be intimidating. When I was pregnant, I peered over the cliff of my belly and saw an existence in which I never again drank a cocktail, binge-watched Scandal, liked my body, excelled at work, hung out with my friends, had any sex at all, or wore real pants.

That's the myth. Romper is about the reality — though motherhood is exhausting, it is also empowering, fascinating, and really, really fun. Our goal is to cover that experience as it's being lived by the newest generation of parents, in a way that makes you laugh and reminds you that you are not the only person who has eaten gross food out of your kid's hand because they offered it to you. 

We're going to get into it: the times when you don't feel so good at this, the times when a celebrity steals your baby name, the times when you end up covered in someone else's vomit on a Saturday night despite no alcohol being consumed. No subject is off-limits, and that includes topics that have nothing to do with your children, because Romper is for you.

Along with our diverse and talented team of writers, we hope to represent contemporary motherhood in as many of its endless permutations as possible. Let's all grow up together. 

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Romper (2); Courtesy of Margaret Wheeler Johnson