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Beyoncé Twins Updates Will Hold Fans Over

Does anyone remember a little over a year ago, when Beyoncé was torturing fans with hints that she would be dropping a new album (that turned out to be Lemonade, and then we all died)? Multiply that by 100, and that's what it feels like waiting for Bey to drop her most recent impending release: two babies. As rumors swirl around the internet and the Queen keeps her own counsel, fans have been reduced to constantly checking their news feeds for Beyoncé twin updates like crazy exes waiting in vain for that one last email. Except this time around, it's going to pay off. I promise.

Ever since she broke the internet with her pregnancy announcement back in February, Beyoncé and husband Jay Z have been toying with everyone. It's OK, it's been sort of pleasant but... yeah, toying. The "Crazy In Love" singer has shared her gorgeous pregnancy photo shoot with everyone, complete with underwater images, pics of daughter Blue Ivy kissing her belly, and Bey perched on top of a car. She called the album "I Have Three Hearts," and didn't seem to mind spreading the news of her new babies. But then... nothing. More pics, yes, but not more info. Fans have had to fend for themselves to find out the latest info on Bey's babies. And here it is.

Bey's Push Party

Last Saturday, Beyoncé and Jay Z hosted a Nigerian-themed "Carter Push Party" to celebrate the impending arrival of the twins. The guests, including Kelly Rowlands and the also-pregnant Serena Williams, arrived in traditional African dress. The guest of honor wore an intricate Nigerian headdress with her pregnant belly covered in Henna. She danced with husband Jay Z, and essentially set the tone for every push party ever.

Bey's Cravings

Bey's mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, told The Insider that the expectant mom is craving butter pecan ice cream this time around. Maybe that's why she and Jay Z visited the pop-up exhibit, the Museum of Ice Cream, in Los Angeles for Mother's Day. Free samples?

A source also told E! News that Bey has been indulging her cravings like a Queen:

She splurges when she wants to and hasn't taken her weight gain as a negative thing. She is a confident women in her skin whatever size she is [and] embraces it.

Jay Z Is Crazy In Love

After yet another year of divorce rumors (not to mention an especially cryptic visual album called Lemonade, you may have heard of it), Jay Z is reportedly thoroughly enjoying his wife's pregnancy this time around and is "super supportive." A source told E! News:

The love [between Jay Z and Beyoncé] is authentic and real. Jay is a good dad and husband. He'd do anything for Bey.

They Know The Babies' Sexes

But they're not telling any fans, apparently. There are fan theories that Bey has dropped a few Easter eggs, but maybe they can just wait a few days and find out for sure.

A Tougher Pregnancy

While Bey might look utterly fabulous, both of her parents have reported that this pregnancy has been harder on her. As mom Tina told The Insider:

It's tough, it's twins. So it's very difficult. Difficult when I say... not a difficult pregnancy, but when you're carrying two human beings around, it's a lot.

Her father, Matthew Knowles, confirmed that, "She's not feeling the best." to E! News.

Hopefully, the twins will arrive soon. Healthy and happy and making their lovely mother proud. Because I don't think anyone can take much more of this waiting.