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Bibiana Became 'The Bachelor' Hero Twitter Needed

Alls fair in love and war, and The Bachelor contestants prove that week after week. On Monday night's episode, Krystal still kept talking to Arie despite having a rose — and Bibiana wasn't happy about it. It actually got to the point where Bibiana confronted Krystal on The Bachelor and Twitter loved it as much as I did. Bibiana did not hold back after Krystal interrupted a conversation she was having with Arie, and it's safe to say she went off. Bachelor Nation couldn't help but take to Twitter to talk about it.

So, what really went down on the episode? Krystal and Arie went on a pretty intense one-on-one date where they went to his hometown of Scottsdale and visited his high school. Krystal also met Arie's family and discussed marriage with them (yikes, that sounds like the opposite of what I want to do on a first date).

Afterwards, Krystal revealed that she doesn't have a similar relationship to her family. In fact, it's a bit strained. Her brother is currently homeless and refused to let Krystal help him, for example. After being so vulnerable with each other, Arie gave her a rose — so she went into that episode's rose ceremony not having to worry about a thing.

Bibiana, however? Quite the opposite. She went on the demolition derby group date, but she didn't really get a chance to talk to Arie alone. She became pretty stressed out, so she was going to use the cocktail party as her chance to finally have a conversation with him. Well, Krystal apparently forgot that 20 other people are trying to date Arie, and talked to him multiple times throughout the rose ceremony. This made Bibiana's — and the other women's — blood boil because Krystal already had a rose, so she didn't need that time with Arie.

Bibiana (seemingly) had her chance to finally let Arie get to know her, until Krystal interrupted her to talk to him for the second time that night (seeing as Chelsea talked to him twice during the premiere, it seems that these women don't know the rules of Bachelor Nation... or rather, they're just not here to make friends). Well, Bibiana had had enough of Krystal's antics, and went off on her after her conversation with Arie. Twitter bowed down and took notes:

Bibiana's roast of Krystal lasted a few solid minutes, so viewers know it must've been longer without the producers cutting it down. Basically, Bibiana called herself "the voice" of everyone in the room because all the other women were pissed that Krystal was taking up so much of Arie's time. Here's the thing about Krystal: I don't know if she's necessarily the "villain" or if homegirl just can't read the room. It seems to me that no one would want to act the way she did if she cared about being liked in the mansion, but Krystal also doesn't seem the type to be blasé about others hating her.

Bibiana did not hold back though, and even told Krystal that the next morning she should "work out and meditate" why she acted the way she did. After she mic dropped (not literally, but she did say "mic drop"), she exited and all the women looked to Krystal, looking almost as angry as Bibiana. While Krystal didn't need to worry about whether her actions would lead her to a rose, Bibiana did.. .but she received the final one of the rose ceremony. She's safe for now, though it's clear from the promo that Krystal better watch out for her. I'm excited (and a little scared) to see where this feud goes.

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