Hi, Let's Talk About These 2.5-Foot Tall Easter Stuffed Animals At BJ's For Just $20

My kids absolutely adore stuffed animals. The bigger and fluffier the better. Without fail, their Easter baskets usually include at least one stuffed bunny or chick that they can love on long after Easter is over. I also love getting a great deal on the things that I give my kids for Easter, and that typically means stocking up at discount and wholesale stores. Although they won't fit in my kids' Easter baskets, these giant plush Easter animals from BJ's definitely fit the bill for Easter gifting. At 32 inches tall (about 2 and a half feet), they are the perfect size for snuggling.

They're all roughly the same size as a toddler, which means your kid can play, hug, and cuddle them with ease. With four oversized stuffed animal options — each one more charming than the next — you're going to want to buy them all. Bunnies are the quintessential Easter animal, so BJ's offers two choices of bunnies in their giant plush Easter animals. The giant grey bunny features adorable rainbow striped ears, while the pink bunny's ears are swept back in a shy, yet ridiculously cute way as it holds onto a giant carrot. If bunnies aren't a favorite in your household, you can opt for a precious green frog to celebrate springtime. Lastly, the yellow baby chick is an absolutely delightful choice.

Influencer Audrey McClelland agrees. The blogger recently posted a photo of herself in New York City hailing a cab while holding a BJ's giant plush Easter chick she bought for her daughter on Instagram. McClelland said in her post that her daughter loves the oversized chick. Commenters on the post were enthusiastic about the Easter plush's cuteness factor, and McClelland followed up with a comment regarding the supreme softness of the chick. "I was resting my feet on it last night during our live! It’s so soft!" she commented. As you can see in her photo, even next to an adult, these giant plush animals are huge and snuggly.

These oversized stuffed animals are only available in BJ's club stores, but at just $19.99 for a plush Easter animal the size of a toddler, they are most definitely worth the trip. If you're going to be taking a trip to the store anyway, you might as well stock up on the other Easter goodies available at BJ's. Gourmet marshmallow kabobs are like Peeps on steroids and are shaped like adorable lambs, spring flowers, baby chicks, and of course, bunnies. At just $4.99 per package of four kabobs, the vanilla flavored marshmallow kabobs are perfect for adding to kids' Easter baskets or using to decorate your Easter table.

When you go to BJ's to pick up a giant plush Easter animal (or two, or three, or four), you can also stock up on delicious milk chocolate Emoji coins made from Belgian chocolate to have on hand for Easter candy snacking. And if you haven't had time to stuff Easter eggs, BJ's has you covered with a bag of 115 easter eggs pre-filled with candy for under $20. I will gladly be forking over the cash in exchange for the hour of my time that I usually spend stuffing Easter eggs each year. With pleasure.

Waking up to a basket filled with fun goodies and then getting to hunt for plastic eggs filled with candy is like Christmas in springtime for little ones. Making the day even more special by including an oversized plush Easter animal that is roughly the same size as your child will help make their holiday an unforgettable one.