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Check Out Blake Lively's "Mrs. R" Ring On Instagram, It's Everything

Let me preface this by saying: I like Blake Lively. She starred in my fourth favorite shark movie, The Shallows, and she seems like one of those people who is probably really good at baking. But glimpsing through Blake Lively's Instagram is hard on my body. And my brain. And my limp, non-flowing hair. It's not her fault... I'm just sayin', is all.

What is it about Lively that makes me so jealous? I mean, she's certainly not the only beautiful movie star out there. I think it's the way she seems so nice and natural and normal. I could maybe forgive her for being perfect otherwise. Instead, she turns me into the green-eyed monster, both literally (I have green eyes) and figuratively (so jealous I'm frothing a little). Which is ridiculous since it's 2017 and I'm a feminist who supports all women, regardless of their perfection. Time to grow up, right? So here I am, Blake Lively, just a girl scrolling through your Instagram and gulping back the shame knot forming in my throat. Supporting you, admiring you without envying you. When I see Lively's Instagram post from a painting party she attended in New Orleans at the studio of artist Ashley Lonsgshore, I will focus on her talented painting. And not on her awesome jewelry.

I changed my mind; let's talk about that ring. It seems only fair, since everyone else seems to be. Rather than sullying her 12-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring from husband Ryan Reynolds with paint (because come on now), Lively wore a beautiful "Mrs. R" ring instead. The ring, created by jewelry designer Alison Lou (which can be custom ordered with any initial you want for around $950, in case you're interested) was another sweet homage not only to Lively's impeccable taste, but her love for her husband.

The still-madly-in-love couple were married in Sept. 2012 and are now parents to two of the most precious, tow-headed little girls you've ever seen in your life, 3-year-old James (whose fashion sense rivals her mother's) and baby Ines.

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Despite being two of the most famous people in the U.S., Lively and Reynolds both seem to have a natural, honest-to-goodness great time with each other. Their fabled romance began as friends during the filming of Green Lantern, and Lively once credited their friendship as the anchor of their relationship in an interview with People:

That’s what I appreciate about our relationship is that he’s my friend first and foremost.

As an outsider with absolutely no insider information into the Reynolds/Lively relationship, naturally I would like to offer my two cents into why I think they work so well. See the above picture of Lively at her painting party. Get a load of that grin on her perfect mug. She looks like a girl who really does choose happiness and kindness every day.

And maybe it's that, and not her beautiful face, enviable body, great jewelry, or amazing career that we should be noticing. She chooses happiness. Good for her.