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OK, Your Kid's Going To Obsess Over These Blume Dolls That *Grow* — EXCLUSIVE

My kids absolutely adore any toy (or for that matter, packaging) that provides them with a surprise. From collecting a bazillion tiny blind bag toys to watching endless YouTube toy unboxing videos, the mystery of not knowing what will be inside of a certain toy or package creates a buzz of enthusiasm in kids that is hard to beat. If your kid is as obsessed with this type of wonderment as mine are, you're definitely going to want to check out Blume dolls.

Blume is the latest brainchild of Skyrocket Toys, the creators of Pomsies, the interactive, fluffy toy that took the world by storm last summer with its collection of wide-eyed lovable creatures. Like Pomsies, Blume promise to have your kids overjoyed while interacting with the collection of dolls that literally grow up and out of their packaging right before their eyes.

That's right, Blume dolls don't appear until you water them. In case you're a little weirded out by having to water a toy, don't stress it ⁠— this is a one and done type of thing, and you won't have to add your kid's Blume doll to your list of garden plants to water daily.

Each Blue package includes a pot that looks just like a planter. Simply add water and watch your Blume doll's hair sprout out of the top of the pot, just like a real plant would. The cutest part of the entire process is watching your kiddo use the teeny tiny watering can that comes with each Blume⁠ — it's ridiculously adorable.

What emerges after the watering is part of the fun surprise for each Blume. Wild, crazy hair styles and colors made from soft foam push through almost immediately, and you can pull the top of the Blume's hair out of the pot to reveal which Blume doll your child landed this time around.

No matter which Blume doll you receive, their hair is interchangeable. So, Gemma, the Blume doll with crystals for hair, can swap with Alana, the Blume doll with a pineapple topper with ease. Your child can remove the hair from one Blume doll and place it on top of another Blume doll to create a plethora of looks and enjoy hours of fun with these fascinating new toys. Each doll is unique, just like your child, and the ability to mix and match their hairstyles just ups the individuality factor by 1000 percent.

Other fun Blume doll options that your kid might land include: Poppy, who has ice cream for hair; Kit, who has a cake topper; Roxy, a Blume doll with a rainbow atop her hair; Nori, the Blume doll with a mermaid theme; Sierra, who sports a cactus motif; and Tate, the Blume doll with tons of flower power.

The actual doll isn't even the only surprise. Once your child's Blume has bloomed out of her pot, the pot can be opened up into an interactive play set that makes into a room for each doll. The set includes stickers that you can use to decorate the inside of the room, as well as other surprises for your child's Blume doll that vary based on which doll they unbox. Literally every part of the package is part of the fun of playing with Blume.

Intended for ages 3 and up, each Blume features 10 surprises inside of the package, including one Blume doll, for just $9.99. In total, there are 22 Blume dolls that your child can collect, and you can find them all at major retailers starting June 21 aka "Blume Day." To kick off the launch, they even enlisted a bunch of YouTube influencers (one for each character) to unbox each product on Blume's YouTube channel.

I know my kids love to collect every variation of Hatchimals and Shopkins that they possibly can, and it appears as if Blume is on track to become their new favorite surprise toy addiction

Edit note: This post has been updated from its original version.