Bode Miller's Christmas Gift Honoring His Late Daughter Emmy Is So Meaningful

Facing the holiday season for the first time since losing a loved one can be unbearable. On one hand, the living might feel pressure to remain outwardly happy. (Because family, and presents, and togetherness.) On the other hand, they're keenly aware of their loved one's absence and long with every ounce of their being that the lost family member could be there with them to celebrate. Which is exactly why Bode Miller's Christmas gift honoring his late daughter Emmy is so meaningful.

As Today reported, the Olympic skier took to Instagram on Friday, Dec. 27 to share with his followers a special personalized gift he had received: a pair of skis bearing the image of his daughter, who died in a drowning accident earlier this year. “My favorite Christmas present,” Miller captioned a photo of himself posing next to the skis while on the slopes at the Yellowstone Club in Montana. “Taking my baby girl skiing today.”

Bode's followers were quick to offer words of support and encouragement to the bereaved father. One Instagram user wrote, "My heart is broken for you but she is with you always. Little angel. Xxxxx."

Another person commented, "Clever way to take her with you, I love it!"

Yet another follower chimed in with, "OMGoodness! I LOVE these! What a great idea!!"

Meanwhile, another Instagram user wrote, "Your beautiful little angel is going to stay with you always.. what a beautiful way to express your never ending love... we love you Bode 💕."

Bode Miller and his professional beach volleyball player wife, Morgan Beck, lost their 19-month-old daughter, Emeline "Emmy" in June, ET Online reported. Beck and three of their children were visiting a neighbor's house when the unthinkable happened, she explained during an interview with Today. Little Emmy managed to open a sliding door, slipped outside without anyone noticing, and fell into the neighbor's pool — where Beck soon found her floating. The frantic mother jumped into the pool, pulled her daughter out, and performed CPR until an ambulance arrived to rush the toddler to the hospital. Although doctors had initially been hopeful for Emmy's recovery, the little girl's brain had ultimately been without oxygen for too long. She died the next day, on June 10.

As People reported, Beck posted an Instagram tribute to Emmy on Dec. 25 — the family's first Christmas without her. The bereaved mom shared a number of family photos, which included the couple's two children together — Nash, 3, and baby Easton — along with Miller's daughter, Neesyn, 10, and son, Sam, 5, from previous relationships. One particularly powerful photo featured the kids holding a framed photo of Emmy. "Merry Christmas to our baby girl in heaven. We miss you so much!'' she captioned the post. "2018 has been a year full of overwhelming sadness and overwhelming joy. We have spent half of the year mourning and attempting to heal the loss of our angel which feels like an impossible battle all while celebrating the birth of our son. Seeking normalcy for our children has been our driving force forward." Beck continued:

Normally I would be looking forward to a 'fresh beginning' in 2019 but there is no more starting fresh after the loss of a child. So here’s to a healthy 2019 full of personal growth and creating many memories with my babies, full of smiles and laughs. Wishing everyone a special holiday season surrounded by loved ones.

As agonizing as the holidays must have been for Bode Miller, Morgan Beck, and their family, I'm sure these skis brought at least some level of comfort. Especially for Miller. Because although nothing can possibly bring their baby girl back — or fill the void left by her death — this meaningful tribute allows the bereaved father to take a piece of her with him as he pursues his passion. May their family continue to heal and honor Emmy as they begin the new year.

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