Hi Hello, If You Buy A Dairy Queen Blizzard Right Now, You Get Another For *80 Cents*

No, this is not a typo: Dairy Queen is turning 80 this year, and to celebrate, the world is getting the gift of BOGO Dairy Queen Blizzards for only 80 cents. Pretty sweet deal, wouldn't you say? These prices are available from March 4 through March 15 nationwide. Which means you'll want to grab your plus one and head out for a very budget-friendly ice cream date ASAP.

So, here's the fine print on this delicious promo: buy one full-size Blizzard and get your second one (of equal or lesser value) for mere pocket change. You can choose from any of their 15 classic flavors, including March's Mint Oreo Blizzard of the month, which is a soft-serve and creme de menthe base with Oreo pieces swirled throughout. See also: harvest berry pie with pieces of real pie crust inside, a chocolate ice cream and Snickers pieces mashup in a cup, and the Royal Blizzards complete with an ooey-gooey filled center.

The very first Dairy Queen store opened in 1940 in the town of Joliet, Illinois. DQ sold all the ice cream classics, like shakes, malts, and banana splits, and eventually offered food, too. They went international in 1953 with a location in Canada, and now they're doling out Dilly Bars and Mr. Mistys in 31 countries around the world.

It's no surprise Dairy Queen is so loved by the world. Did you know they literally invented soft serve? Yeah, its founders are basically ice cream geniuses. The idea for the Blizzard, however, came from a frozen custard shop in St. Louis that served "concretes," a treat thicker than a milkshake but softer than ice cream, blended with lots of candies, crumbles, and other goodies.

Blizzards are still so *thicc* today that your local DQ should flip yours over and prove it won't fall out of the cup before they serve it to you, otherwise it's free. BOGO 80-cent Blizzards are a limited time thing, but that watch-it-not-spill promo goes on forever. You can find your nearest DQ location at, and be sure to check their hours before you venture out on any late-night Blizzard runs.